Foreign media: United States is China’s global Bitcoin "mining" center environmental risk is concerned

On November 16th, the Singapore "Joint Morning Post" website recently reported that the United States is rapidly rising as a new global Bitcoin mining center.The new media quoted the US "Wall Street Journal" report that many mining companies are betting in the United States’s reliable energy supply and a more predictable regulatory environment.According to data […]

Game anti-addiction new regulations, severe mobile phone manufacturers may be lying in gun

Tencent’s original text is as follows: 1. From March this year to now, the account has been sentenced to a suspected minor operation, and a total of 17 triggered and full through the face recognition verification of Tencent Health System. The system feedback results are consistent than the data source of the public security authority […]

Fourteen Gameball Basketball Tests introduced 5G Wisdom Layer Technology

Original title: Fourteen Games Basketball Tests introduced 5G Wisdom Tournament Technology April 19, 14th National Games Basketball Project Test (Xi’an District) and Shaanxi Province Basketball Invitational Tournament in Xi’an City Sports Park Stadium. Our reporter Zhao Chen took this newspaper (Reporter Zhang Jinrui) April 19th, the 14th National Game Basketball Project Test (Xi’an District) and […]

Entry for 20 years: changes in the wheel

  Entry for 20 years: Changes on the wheel 2021 years ago, my country’s car exports have increased significantly, and they have a high history of history. From January to September this year, the second-hand car trading volume exceeded 12.96 million, a year-on-year increase. In October, my country’s auto exports have been refreshed again. From January […]

Hebei Province Credit Demonstration Zone to achieve "zero" breakthrough

Original title: Our province’s credit demonstration area realized "zero" breakthrough Xingtai City successfully created the national social credit system construction demonstration area Hebei Province Credit Demonstration Zone to achieve "zero" breakthrough on October 25, the National Development and Reform Commission, the People’s Bank Office Joint issuance notice, announce the list of the third batch of […]

Guangdong Province labor model Zhou Yunxian: Borrowing cross-border e-commerce precision poverty alleviation

  Zhou Yunxian and many more frequently built cross-border e-commerce service platforms, providing one-stop cross-border service for the poverty alleviation area, Zhou Yunxian driving from the Macau home, from the Hengqin Port clearance, less than 8:30, In the Zhuhai Hengqin, Zhuhai, Hengqin, Zhuhai, Macau, Youth Gender Valley, said Network Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as […]

Fine manufacturing services help small and medium micro enterprises hold over taxes "winter"

To conscientiously implement the Party Central Committee and State Council decision to deploy, support manufacturing small and medium micro enterprise development, and promote the smooth operation of the industrial economy, the State Administration of Taxation Xining City, the Inland Revenue Department attaches great importance to quickly respond to tax policy implementation arrangements for the work, […]

Guangdong released the 2022 general college entrance examination art and sports type examination epidemic prevention work guidelines for three types of candidates

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Sun Wei reported: On November 12th, the Guangdong Provincial Education Examination Institute released the 2022 general college entrance examination art and sports profession, guidelines, guidance requirements, three types of candidates need to provide nucleic acids 48 hours before the test Detecting negative proof. Guidelines require that all candidates must register "Guangdong […]

DVZ: 41 rural revitalization demonstration villages drive fusion development

On November 9th, the reporter walked into the Jinba District, Ducks Town, Yanzhou District, 500 acres of gold silk emperors bloom, looked around, more than 50 serving people were busy picking chrysanthemums, a festive harvest scene. Chen Yuan Ting, the first secretary of Jin Zhongcun, introduced that Jin Zhongcun passed the "Company + Base + […]