Mai Fanchu enrolled a few days,I feel the atmosphere is wrong。

Because he is the son of one of the few merchants,Others don’t know where his qualifications as a prison student come from,Only if he is like a big businessman in the capital,Use money to get a place,So at the beginning,Neither the scholars nor the honorable people took him seriously。
Of course,There are also a small number of businessmen。
Most of them pretend to be deaf and dumb,Or it may be attached to those noble people,Seek blessing for his family。
Because of Mai Fan Xue’s royal merchant’s name,When he first came to the college,Can be visited by the children of several businessmen。
Set a small goal first,such as1Seconds to remember:Book guest house
Two hundred and ninety chapters response
But when they found,When this person entered the Imperial College really came to study……The children of the emperor merchants,Watching him is like watching a monkey。
This,I really thought that the talents could get any ranking here?
You must know that the Imperial College is a gathering place for the best talents from all over the country。
If you want to mix with those who have good knowledge here,,You must first get excellent results in the exam every ten days.。
Even the tail of the crane,Will be despised from the bones by those noble and poor ghosts。
These business kids can’t figure it out,I can only attribute Mai Fan’s behavior to arrogance,They waited for each other after a ten-year exam,Will bow to reality,Just like them,I came here mainly to build relationships。