“Could it be that the murderer is.”After listening to the other party,Henggou Senwu took another look at the crumpled photo that was already held by the deceased,When looking at Chi Bo Jinghua,The suspicion on his face became more obvious。

No wonder Henggou Enlightenment will react like this,After all, it is something the deceased tried to grasp before he died,It is easy to think of whether this is the death message for the deceased to correct the prisoner before his death。
First250chapter Traces of the right palm
“Bridge Bean Sack!”
Seeing the atmosphere became more tense,Kogoro Mouri stood up and retorted:“This is really a coincidence,How could the photos and books just fall on the floor,Too deliberate!”
“Say so,Mr. Shibata seemed to have received a strange phone call the day before yesterday.…”Takezo Yoshikawa touched his chin as if he suddenly remembered something。
“What a strange method?”Henggou asked quickly after hearing the words:“What is the conversation?”
“Someone called,What is Thor or Fengshen?,I could not hear clearly。”Yoshikawa Takezo scratched his head,Seeing Shibata Kyoko on the side to ask for the way:“It should be so right,Mrs. Shibata?”
I heard the question from Yoshikawa Takezo,Shibata Kyoko“what”With a,Quickly recovered and nodded:“After my husband answered the call,So he got up and went to the bookshelf to find something。
Then he took a book,Flipped over there,Smiled on the phone:“found it、found it”。”
“What about after this?Where did Mr. Shibata put the book??”
“I remember it was the top of the stack of books beside the bookcase。”
When Mrs. Shibata takes Henggou and the two of them to the bookcase to check,But found that all the books have fallen down。
And at this moment, Tang Ze’s voice came from the aisle next door:“Cross-ditch criminal,Come here soon,Little blood was found in the corridor。”
Just now when I was in Henggou for enlightenment and questioning,Tang Ze is not idle either,Sniffing the room except the dead,Then I smelled another source of blood in the corridor。