“it is good,Leave it to you。”The boss looked at Clapper Road:“in previous years“Chief of Police for a Day”Activities continue as usual,You are responsible for this new plan,What do you need you to come to me directly,I will let people give you the greatest support。”

Talking, the boss patted Yuehua on the shoulder of Sihuayuan,Looking around at the people who bow their heads meaningfully:“Don’t stress,Even if the effect is not good, it is better than doing nothing。”
Finished this sentence,The heads of the people around are lower and deeper,The big man snorted when he saw this, got up and left。
And Yuehua in Sihuayuan did not respond to the resentful eyes around,Just got up and left after the boss left。
Now that I know my disadvantages,You have to pay a price if you want to make up,Not being jealous is mediocre,She had already expected it。
It’s just that although I have shown a daring attitude,But you have to do good to be appreciated。
But fortunately, she is not unprepared,Prepared a backup plan in advance。
Even if you can’t create a character representing the Metropolitan Police Department,The people I chose have also had an eye-catching case-solving experience,Publishing is enough to save a wave of prestige。
But these are just to ensure that you are invincible,If you want to make great achievements, you still have to fight for it。
First70chapter The organization has decided,You become an idol!
It’s up to people,Things happen in the sky。
Sihuayuan Yuehua, who was planning to move, prepared two plans。