“Yep,That’s Chikako’s work when he was still in college,At the same time, it is also her outstanding masterpiece in the literary world.!”Suzuki Ayako smiled and praised。

“Then,Let’s have a few words from well-known screenwriters and audiences~”Hiroki Kakuya, holding the camera, smiled and pointed the camera at Ikeda。
“Stop it,Stop making trouble…”Ikeda Tomoko is embarrassed.。
Talking and laughing,Everyone began to miss college time,For example, Hiroki Kakutani is obsessed with camera and hasn’t put it down yet,Takahashi’s weight has increased, so many lenses are almost too tight.。
A happy atmosphere filled the crowd。
“so good,As if back to college…”Suzuki Ayako smiled happily at the crowd。
But the tone fell down immediately,“It would be nice if Atsuko was there…”
The voice fell off,The original lively atmosphere suddenly solidified to freezing point,The other four also changed color,Pupils dilated a lot,Expression becomes difficult to look。
The one who reacted the most was Ikeda Tomoko,She looks very ugly,My breathing became hurried。
“Don’t mention her!Didn’t you tell me not to mention Dunzi?!!”
“wisdom、Tomoko…”Suzuki Ayako looked at Ikeda Tomoko with worry。
“Atsuko has passed away,This time we all finally got together for vacation,Stop mentioning the sad things!”
“hold、Sorry!”Suzuki Ayako quickly apologized。
“Humph,Really worthy of being a celebrity,Even the tone of speech has become different…”On the contrary, Ota couldn’t see Chikako Ikeda.,Leng Hun sneered。
“what did you say!!”Ikeda Tomoko heard the other party’s taunt,As if the ignited gasoline exploded all at once,The atmosphere of the two for a time can be described as tense。
“OK!You two…”Suzuki Ayako quickly stood up to make a round,“I go to prepare dinner,Let’s take a break…”
“I’ll go and fix the roof,The weather forecast says it seems to rain at night。”Takahashi Ryoichi also quickly changed the subject。
“I’ll go with you too,Fix the roof faster for two people, right?。”Tang Ze looked at Takahashi Ryo and said with a smile。
“no need,This is too much trouble for you,And you are still a guest。”Takahashi Ryoichi repeatedly waved his hand and refused.。