“Is not…”

Wait for the two to speak out,On the side came a young man with a fierce appearance,Putting on Moori Kogoro’s shoulders, the tone is bad:“Hey,Uncle,It’s okay, don’t just pick up other people’s female partners casually!”
He turned his head and complained to his companion:“Masahiko,You can also express a little,That’s your fiancee and sister!”
“Bangsheng,Calm down,Those two seem to be celebrities。”A gentle-faced man waved his hands repeatedly,Beckoning companion to calm down,“Don’t be impulsive。”
“Yes“Detective”Mr. Kogoro Mori and“Criminal”Mr. Tang Ze Xianyi。”Songqi Harumi smiled and introduced。
“It’s the one that scrambled to report in the newspaper recently…”
The ferocious Bangsheng was taken aback,Looking at Tang Ze carefully:“Really!The Publicity Section of the Metropolitan Police Department said he went on vacation,I didn’t expect to come to Izu to avoid the media!”
“Because too many people invited me to interview。”Tang Ze felt helpless:“The Propaganda Department has done too much,The media just want to take the opportunity to catch the heat。”
After some conversation,Gui Hezi suggested that everyone eat together,So everyone simply moved to join the table outside the house。
This kind of scene where strangers just met eating together,I will only see it during travel。
People from all over the world get together,The people who fell in love would sit down and have a drink together,Can we meet or be friends in this life,It depends on fate。
Don’t talk about the inconvenient contact now,Is the future generation of the Internet,The same is true。
At least the partner Tangze travels met is lying in the buddy bar,But never contacted。