“Do you know Mai Fan?Just the power index and level you initially showed,It’s impossible to access such core content。”

“but now,You are the owner of this tavern,Then the situation is different。”
“Without our people groping here in place,Your tavern is likely to become our intelligence point and logistics base in the supply station。”
“So as the only operator here,You will have greater authority。”
“And some information we know now,I can share it with you without any scruples。”
“Because from this moment on,You will be our true colleague,Not a partner of a friendly unit。”
“Whether you want it or not now,I think,You have to join us,Become one of us。”
alright,Mai Fan sighed。
He pointed behind him,Then I talked about:“We have to wait until we go out to discuss other things,Do you want to try now,Our access restriction,And how do I manage this tavern here?”
He is talking,There was a noise outside the house……
Those shop owners and customers who have been in and out of the supply station for a while,At this time, they are all around the door of Mai Fan’s tavern,Be surprised at this super luxurious building。
“Oh my God,This is the first time that I have seen such an awesome building,look,This is really a pub!”
“is not that right!With roof,There are bricks,And the gate,It’s a very serious building!”
“The most special thing is that it has a brand……woo woo woo woo,I really want to know,The owner of this pub,How proud in the real world!”
What does this mean?He’s the envy of this broken restaurant?