Tang Ze compiled the love report:“The deceased Shangcun was a chief inspector at the nearby exchange,The normal patrol route should be followed last night,Patrol on a bicycle。

According to the judgment of the scene,Shangcun should be when passing the overpass,I heard the singing of Christmas songs on the bridge,Then go up to the sky bridge to check。
After,When he squatted on the ground to check the radio,The prisoner appeared from behind with a forty caliber pistol,Kill him with a shot in the head,Then took the revolver from Uemura。”
“Has the relationship between the dead and the vitality group been investigated??”Conan asked again after listening。
“Yep,Found out,He is secretly colluding with a vitality group called the Golden Snake Club,Has done a lot of convenience in the jurisdiction,Among them is the sale of guns。”
Tang Ze nodded:“Is investigating in this direction now,The initial suspicion was that the two sides had a conflict,Caused revenge。”
Finished,Tang Ze looked at the contemplative Conan and shook his head:“This case involves vitality groups,And it requires a lot of criminal investigations,Not suitable for you as a child to participate,Just leave it to the criminals。
For whatever reason,The act of attacking a criminal is too bad,Is intolerable by the whole group。
The criminals in charge of the investigation are full of enthusiasm and are ready to show off to the criminals.,You won’t be in the game,Don’t worry about it。”
“Of course I know。”Conan rolled his eyes,“Just to find out the situation,You too be careful,It cannot be ruled out that someone is taking revenge against your group。”
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