Elite personnel were sent down to set up special.Case team,In charge of investigating this case,And Lu Xiong became a key figure,So he was under protective residential surveillance,The above also repeatedly asked him various questions,Among them, I asked about the details of Penglai Island seven times.。

Because of being isolated and protected,So Lu Xiong could not get in touch with Wang Jun,Of course he is not in a hurry to learn some secrets on Xiandao,He didn’t even believe that,What’s worse is that his map was taken by the task force,Said to be retained as evidence。
My heart beats wildly when I hear this,Ruined!I was counting on Lu Xiong’s map to explore the way,No more hope now!
Think about it,Three maps have now appeared,One source is Guo Jinhai,One piece is Japanese girl Zhangsha,Now there is a third piece on Lu Xiong’s side,And this piece is still in the hands of the top,This means that we have to face a more complicated situation next。
Lu Xiong says,On the seventh day of protected residence,A worker in charge of cleaning quietly handed him a note,It shows a map of his neighborhood,Line arrows are also drawn on the map,There is a word written on the upper right of the map“run!”
Then Lu Xiong managed to escape,At three o’clock in the morning,Lu Xiong escaped from the yard over the wall,The people behind chased all the way,After experiencing a drama-like escape,He finally got into a black BMW waiting on the side of the road,Wang Jun sat there。The guy is dangling a cigar。
Things are still not going well,The car ran halfway,Followed by mysterious vehicle again,After some follow-up,,Wang Jun’s car was hit and stopped,Seven or eight masked men got out of the car with guns,After that, Lu Xiong passed out。
After waking up,Lu Xiong is locked in the basement,Closed for half a month,He was tortured by various tortures during detention,In the meantime, those people repeatedly asked the whereabouts of the map,But Lu Xiong just refused to admit it,Said that I don’t know what map exists。
The day after half a month,Fierce gunfire from above the basement,After a fierce battle for more than ten minutes,The basement was knocked open,It was Wang Jun who brought someone here!Grateful for Wang Junluxiong,When he asked his whereabouts on the map,Lu Xiong also explained the incident completely。
I listened very sadly,This Lu Xiong is simply a fool!
Anyone with a little bit of brains can analyze it,It must be Wang Jun,But because it’s the person introduced by Master,Lu Xiong actually believed,I guess there aren’t many such foolish goods now。
Chapter One Hundred and Twenty Seven Wang Jun Qi Yu
Lu Xiong rested for more than a month in Wang Jun’s deep mountain villa。