“An old cadre died,Land today,They are here to mourn”I looked at him differently。

“How did you know,Didn’t you come with me?”
Looked at him and said awkwardly“Oh,Hehe my ears are good,Heard。”
“That’s great too,Alas, people die like a lamp,Is there nothing left after death??”
“Will not,Xiaofan always thinks that the soul of people after death。They go to the soul world。”
Chapter two What is lost will be lost
“Is that right?I thought the same way before,But the older I get, the less I believe it!I still remember that my mother often appeared in my dreams for the first year after her death,But since that time in the dream she died again,Never show up again,I almost forgot what she looked like!”
“Do not worry,He is happy now。”I stared at him for a long time,It’s not easy to get along with him for a week,Sometimes it feels like he is older than me,But looking at his face full of collagen,I immediately ignore the thoughts in my heart。
When we passed by the police in the small battery car,I heard what they were talking about
“Ugh,Mr. Xu gave it to the party for the rest of his life,Also participated in the battle”A man in his fifties has a long scar on his face,Very scary,Talking
“Yes,Won a lot of medals,”By a boy of Bai Jun
“I heard the chief came to condole me this morning”Another young man dropped a thunder。
“is it,Are we late”
“Ouch,Did you say that Mr. Xu is not a policeman?,How can you get involved with the troops?”