Ouyang was taken aback by my thoughts:“Brother, don’t be so stupid!What time is it now,You still believe in a woman?”

I must stick to this idea,I must see Chu Hong,I want to see if she will perform in front of me。
But now the trouble is,Guo Jinhai has found out that she has found me,He must strictly monitor Chu Hong,It is estimated that Chu Hong is not meeting with me because he is afraid of revealing my hiding place!I feel better thinking about it this way。
I must see her,And I asked Ouyang to convey the news to her,Ouyang heard his head shaking like a rattle:“No no no,Then i’m exposed,Guo Jinhai knew he would kill me!”
Chapter Forty One Tao Tao was beaten
This guy had to do big things with me inside and outside,I didn’t expect to send a message and I was so scared,It seems that this guy is just an awesome guest!
I sneered,So nothing said,But I have a decision,I must find Chu Hong and ask what is going on,I want to hear her say it herself。
Ouyang seems to have noticed something wrong,Interpretation:“Brother Zhao,Listen to me explain,I really can’t expose in advance,That’s a big deal。”
I didn’t talk to him along the way,On the contrary, the guy chattered uninterestingly,He has a thick skin!
Back under the giant tree,I took some fruits from the tree hole for him to eat,And let him leave,The guy bit the apple and went dumbfounded:“Brother Zhao,Today you won’t help me catch fish?”
Looking at his pitiful expression,I really want to kick him,No wonder Guo Jinhai wanted to beat him up,This guy is really shit and can’t get on the wall,I caught fish for a few days but no results,Actually want to join me to kill Guo Jinhai,He is really yawning toad——Very big tone!I can’t expect to join hands with him,This guy’s ability is limited to whistleblowing。
But I still didn’t tear my face with him,I held back my anger and said to him:“You go catch it first,I have something today!”Speaking of which,I said to him again:“You go grab it first,Wait for me to help you。”
Ouyang is only smiling,Borrowed my wooden spear,Leaving with fruit joyfully,I started thinking nervously after he walked away,Decided to go to the dark spring cave to get some meat and water for Chu Hong,By the way, test the truth of these words by Ouyang。
then,Get up ready for fire,Short knife,And coconut shell,Then walk towards the dark spring cave,Be alert along the way,Never let anyone discover the existence of this hole this time!On the one hand there is a dark spring inside,Secondly, this is a great place to live,I’ll be over if I leave this place。
Walked for about an hour,I finally arrived at my destination,The cracks in the dark spring cave are still deep and mysterious,The blood of wild boar is still eye-catching on the ground,I have a wooden spear in my right hand,Left hand holding a lighted torch into the crack,The boar carcass is still lying in the hole,It’s probably because of the ventilation in the cave,The smell of blood is not strong。
I cut the wild boar with a short knife,This time with a knife,Cut faster,I cut two wild boar legs and tied up my back,Then fill up the water with coconut shells,Then put the remaining wild boar in the gap on the dark spring cave wall,So you can avoid those ants crawling。Besides,I also washed the blood in the crevice with water,I don’t want to attract more beasts。
A little tired after doing these things,I sit in the woods outside,After resting for a long time, we set off again。The strange thing is,Monkey King didn’t show up along the way,Is it angry?