Red-haired man,Obese man,There are already one thirteen magic rivers and the strong people such as green hair and the sources of the voice.。

The source of the sound comes from a man,This person is Lin Feng,Lin Feng smiled at this thirteenth resident。
“Humanity,reptile!”Fat man staring at Lin Feng Shen Sheng:“roll!”
“Humble reptile!”Green hair man face in yin:“Speed down hoe!”
“Humanity,You are self-defeating,Now kneel now,When our slaves,We can give you a chance to live。”Red-haired man face。
“Ha ha。”Lin Feng Wen Haha smiled:“Your hiped farm animals,I am too lazy to pay attention to you.,I am laughing at these Gods.。”
“Boy,You idiot!”
“Humble ugly crawl。”
Thirteen Significance River people have smiled and swear,The human beings in front of you are really wrong.,I actually want to rob their gods.,They will take out someone to shoot the weak people.。
Lin Feng smiled and looked at this madman.,His hand is pressing。
no response!
“I rubbed!”Lin Fengxin hit a sentence,Sure enough, there is a lot。
Lin Feng again press the button again,Press again and again,Is no reaction,day,Don’t play this。
“boom,boom,boom!”Just when Lin Feng is swearing,Three dramatic explosion sounds。
Three mushrooms,Directly flooded one of them。
The fierce screams have sounded,Their body has been fried.,Falling on the ground。
NS1265chapter escape
“Finally exploded。”
Lin Maple outside the kilometer is respectfully smiling at this south.,His figure is like a lightning, a lot of。
Time, Lin Feng, less than three breathing, came to the area where the god mine is located.,He saw the dying magistrate on the ground.。
These magic rivers have almost die.,There is still a breath,Even the strength of the climb is gone.。
“you……”Red-haired man,Green man,Fat man and others look at Lin Feng,Lin Feng。
They don’t want to suffer such an attack.。
This is an attack on Yuan God。
If they are immediately attacked,Also have opportunities to escape,But in the moon of the magic river,Among the process of the defective sword,Their energetic consumption is too sharp.。
There is almost no extravagant power to save。
“It’s a waste of you used to deal with you.。”Lin Feng smiled and went up.,He stepped on the redhead man’s face。
Red-haired man is humiliating,It was actually stepped on a feet by a humble man.,How unimaginable humiliation。
Lin Feng scanned to red hair man,A black airflow,With three flavor,With a fire of Suzaku,Directly burn the red-haired man’s gods。
“Three flavor,Suzaku fire!”
Obesity man and other magic river strong people have trembled,The look is frightened by Lin Feng。