Not easy to handle!

Yuntai mother tree,Obviously it became the habitat of the three sacred candles,Not to mention picking those plump fruits,One appeared near the blue sky pool and high clouds,Will be noticed by them!
First183chapter Holy Candle Dragon
Not strong enough to judge。
I only know that two of them are above the monarch level。
As for the quasi-jun level、It’s hard to judge whether the lower-ranked monarch or the middle-ranked monarch。
And even if there are some abilities that can perceive the opponent’s specific cultivation base,Understand their accurate repair,But it’s not certain whether they have some overly difficult abilities,There are some direct deadly methods。
Not as high,You can definitely defeat those with a low cultivation base。
There is mutual generation and mutual restraint among all things。
A man of full force,Accidentally fell into the mud,Will drown in it。
Can’t be reckless。
Those rat monsters,Are extremely cunning,Know how to ambush and use terrain to defeat human dragon herders,Not to mention this kind of candle dragon,They are not low in wisdom。