“Rest twenty five minutes,Get a stunt dragon nine turn,Feilong Nine Turn has automatically enhanced to God level。”

Chapter 31, Skills Four,Zhao He Mountain turned her face
“That’s it?”
“I can also。”
Shen Xuan looked at Zhao He Mountain,Take a sense of contempt in your eyes,Suddenly said。
Shen Xuan’s words exported,It is an accident that makes Zhaohe Mountain more acute。
I shouldn’t you listen to it yourself.,What is Shen Xuan??
Shen Xuan can also?
He is not a person of Sun’s family,And the age of more than 20 years old,There are no efforts in your hand.,I can learn the dragon nine turn?
“you?You are joking with me.?”
Zhao Heshan see Shen Xuan,Confirmed in the eyes。
Other people around,I also laughed out.。
“Ha ha,Who is this kid thinks?,He can still be more powerful than us.?”
“Our boss flying dragon nine turn can hit seven,He,Is it eight or all the best??”
“I want to say,I have seen many young people like him.,He only needs two,I called him.。”
Those people around those people sound,A time between,Shen Xuan became a tauntable object。
Sun Ting saw here,It is inevitable。
After all, Sun Ting didn’t know.,Is Shen Xuan really。
But in Sun Ting’s side,Sun Chenghai has a firm look at the distance。
Suddenly,Sun Chenghai said:“Tingting,Your boyfriend,It’s impossible to really。”
With the words of Sun Chenghai,Sun Ting’s beauty is slightly moving。
“grandfather,Is what you said true?”
Sun Ting looks to Sun Chenghai,Some excitement。
Sun Chenghai did not answer this question,Because he thinks,Don’t answer this。
Is true,Waiting for a moment.。
And Shen Xuan,Put on:“Take the darts。”
In front of oneself,Zhao Heshan see Shen Xuan,Can’t help but smile。
But for this matter,Zhao Heshan’s whole person,I said directly to people around you.:“Take the dart to give him。”
Zhao He Mountain’s darts tail,Have a blue sign。
And now give Shen Xuan’s,The logo of the dart is red。
Very eye-catching red,What is the kind of heart。
In this case,A little deviation,I will see a clear two Chu。
But Shen Xuan,It is very calm。
Take a dart,Shen Xuan looked at the distance。