“Old, I feel sorry.?”Lin Yu suddenly looked up。

“good,The people have suffered too imminer in the year,Now holding a manual and,I can not be reconciled,Unfortunately, it can’t be like this.……”Lin Feng shook his head。
“What is even more,Old man,How much is the big harmony to the human hurt?,If it is all,My uncle is estimated to have few,Shenjie big country should reduce countless。”Lin Yu nodded:“Such as Dragon,White tiger,Xuanwu,Suzaki four ethnic groups,Harm to the humanity is far more than Xianzhou,More destruction,But when you are really,Golden Brother,Tiger,Evil tale brother,Mother, they will block you.,Will you make you feel cold。”
“Your kid is also analyzed。”Lin Feng haha smiled。
“But,Taihua is probably you will gradually control。”Lin Yu smiled and said:“Even if there is no big brother,You may just clean the forces of Tai Xianzhou.,Will n’t really die?,If you have a day, you must one.,Surpass God!”
“A uniform day,Surpass God?How is this?”Lin Feng’s eyes, slightly red, looking at the void:“Can you solve your fear of the mother??”
“She should have nothing to do.?”Lin Yu laughs:“I am looking for information.。”
“material?No need to go to find,I have been looking for it.。”Lin Feng bending the waist,Kneel in the empty,Low head,A tear flow。
This book comes from
Chapter 1122 False fate
NS1822Chapter falling fate
“Old man,material?How do you say?”Lin Yu wrote a hurry to ask。Please search for everyone()Most!The fastest update
“You look at it yourself.。”Lin Feng reach out,An ancient book appears in the palm of your hand,This ancient book is very simple,I don’t know how many years have been circulated.。
Lin Yu is staring at this information,The figure is slightly shaking,Looking at the notes inside this ancient book,His figure can’t help but leave a few steps。
“how so?”Lin Yu shadow。
“Small feather,It’s all my creation.!”Lin Feng looked up at the sky,His face with regrets,He wanted to seek,The result is falling this next place.,The young child falls in the end of the sky。
Wife is more suffering。
This ancient book is obtained from the Shenshen Temple.,It is the gods who have been destroyed.,Recently record some information on the sky,This information is called medicine nerve。
The medicine nerve is from the gods.,Is this an era,A book in the goddess of the gods called the drug god,Recently, the nine-respect for the birth of the first era。
Heavenly,Naturally, you can’t practice,Any force will lose。
Pharmacoices research at the same time,Also studied the mother of these Cang Tianzhu,These mothers have gave birth to young children,Will gradually flesh and blood,Until death,Any of the world can’t be cured。
Renewal can’t get rid of this fate,Xuan Huang’s blood moisturized its Yuan god is also useless。
This kind of terminal illness is called the fate of the fate.!
It means that the fate of this life is destined to fall,Even the god of fate can not change this fate,Number of days。
“Old man,The drug god record is not necessarily true!”Lin Yu took this book trembled:“He must be deceived!”
“I also hope is a fake。”Lin Feng stood up and looked at the void muttering:“All right,Hell to handle your things.,I want someone to be quiet.!”
“Old man,you”Lin Yu is worried about Lin Feng。
“I won’t make ambiguous。”Lin Feng looked at Lin Yu:“Go back,Ready to prepare,Don’t study this stage.。”
“knowledge,Old man,take care,Don’t be too pessimistic,The old man will inevitably make a big progress,Change these。”Lin Yu looked at Lin Feng Road。
“I see。”Lin Feng turned over:“go quickly。”
“Um!”Lin Yu nodded,Then after turning around, the distant void disappeared.。
Lin Feng carries the hands stand in the wind,Pick up a pot of wine,And then slowly drink,His gaze is slightly scattered and looking at the distant void.,He reached his right hand,The sharpness of the original scattered eyes。