Spring is not a bad cold。

forget it。
And this eye has a shortcomings,It was originally forcibly integrated.。
For example, you can’t use it.,The ability of other aspects is also better than the genuine reincarnation。
“never mind,I still have a lot of meaning.,Let’s help you”Springs take out the test tube。
Chakra injected into it。
The pair of red wheels inside,In an instant, I broke out the end.。
“Spring, you are!”Shocked。
Why didn’t he think that Quan Wei will directly ruin?,This can be an eye old.,Not a general thing。
Get the basics has a powerful strength。
“do not worry about it,There are too few people who are suitable for this eye.,It’s better to let me extract the original will.”Spring said faintly。
For now, he,An immortal round look, he really doesn’t care.,The most critical thing is nothing more than the future.。
Others use,It is also a maximum of the long door.,Not a big meaning。
Not as good as give,Let him evolve the real turn to the eye.!
A group of blue yin and yang slowly drifting from the broken end of the round,And the future will。
Because these origins will be too similar,Almost exactly,They can directly integrate together。
This is also the reason why Big snake pill can evolve into the eye.。
Otherwise, he is integrated with all written eyes of the original Unexpo,It is impossible to get the round look so quickly.。
He is also misunderstanding。
“This is the source will,I will put him into your eyes.,This way, you can quickly evolve the round.”Spring said。
This is equivalent to the small version of Chakra fruit。
Some helplessness,Square is a little too waste。
But he also knows that, then this is good for himself.。
“By now,There is no other way.,The round looks can’t be recovered.,Then come on.”
Spring smiled nodded。
“This eye is incomplete,Remaining meaningful,And your eyes are already the eternal kaleidoscope.,The power evolution of the principle of the original origin is not yet.”Spring said。
Then I haven’t reacted yet.,A blue light is an injection of his right eye。
But he did not resist,Then a cool feeling is alive。
There is no feeling after it.。
Some doubts,Isn’t it possible to evolve into the eye?,Why don’t you feel。
This failed?
Quan Wei looks at the expression of doubts,Know what he is thinking,Say。
“You have not integrated these source will,How can I evolve?,Now entering the immortal mode now,That kind of mental state can integrate these original will”
This is only realized,It is precisely because,Quan Yuming knows that it is difficult to cultivate immortality now,But still let it help them to practice。
This will only have enough source will,They can quickly and powerful。