A big praying mantis appeared under the cloud,Can stand proudly in the wind without wings,The knife man ignored the convoy that came slowly in the distance,The right arm like a big knife slowly stretches out and points to the sky,Suddenly feel the strangeness on the top of my head,As if the air and clouds are shaking,I immediately noticed that something very weird was swept from top to bottom at high speed。

Not asuka,Because this thing is too big,And lifeless,Amazing speed,No wonder I didn’t find out in advance,The big mantis suddenly remembered something that Zifeng’s said,It’s also a weapon made by Fansheng,what do you say that is?
“Swordsman,The drone appeared,Just above you。”Zifeng, who was ambushing at another far place, informed the swordsman with divine knowledge,But just finished,He found a drone appeared behind him,And more than one,It’s hard to tell how many are there in the wind。
Zifeng hasn’t finished speaking yet,A flash of red light hits him quickly,A row of bright balls in red light,Extraordinarily dazzling in the wind and snow,Drag the bullet?next moment,The drone above him suddenly disappeared,He has long been lurking in the vital organs of Fansheng as Shen Wenyu,Naturally know the combat characteristics and performance of various advanced human weapons,And also collected a lot of confidential information,But in a short period of time, it is impossible to provide advice to the key figures in the family like flooding.。
of course,Drones appeared at this time,Purple wind is clear,They were obviously discovered long ago,Whether it has fallen into a trap is still unknown,But such wind and snow rely on drone attacks?Also fired light bullets?Use him as a plane??and,Strike against moving targets in the air has never been the specialty of drones,Zifeng has only a brief period of confusion, and then suddenly becomes clear,Cross search and imaging,This is the main purpose of drones。
Except for practitioners,What kind of killer is there in the fleet at this time?In bad weather,In the wasteland in motion,Zifeng can come up with a list of high-end weapons,But he couldn’t believe how in such a short time,The opponent will mobilize so fast,Moreover, it only took less than two weeks for the blood family to be exposed from Liuyun View to Li Tianzhi’s penetration into the wasteland.,It’s only half a day to start the blood oath,It is impossible to trigger mobilization to this level,It seems that except for Li Tianzhi,There are still people with sharp eyes in every life。
Zifeng sighed in my heart,Want to be warned,But slowly lowered his body,Want to confirm something,It is indeed a light bomb,But just a signal,Or be confused by the way,Not to avoid radar,While launching the light bomb,The drone has begun to dive,Because it is a lifeless thing,That’s why he has the illusion that the other party disappears briefly。
A series of invisible ripples quickly scattered in the space of snowy night,Zifeng finally issued a warning to his companions,He doesn’t know if it works,Can only do what he can do,Kindred is very powerful,Also very proud,The weak world is never the object they need to look straight at,But in Zifeng’s eyes, it’s completely different。
Since the decision to act,The elders are always making plans,He rarely considers his descriptions and suggestions on the combat power of mortals,Even if he is a direct disciple of Fei Yu, it is not convincing,In the eyes of those old guys,Fan Sheng is too weak,Weak to mention,in contrast,They target the magical powers of other heavens hidden in this world,Do not hesitate to spend more than two sets of solutions,but,These are not important,As long as you can find and open the Holy Blood Array,Nothing matters。
The swordman’s body was half-hidden in the cloud and did not respond,Because of the thing that was flying by, it pulled up and got into the clouds.,His mood hardly fluctuates,Not ready to attack,Because his goal is always the following team,Zifeng’s warning made him smile,Triangle mouth slightly open,Looks funny,Red in the mouth,It seems that there is still the body residue that was swallowed by him before,Weird and terrible。
The convoy on the ground slowed down again,But never meant to stop,The automatic identification system has completed the optimal allocation of targets,When the synchronization data comes to confirm the target signal,The red light of the attack command is on,The operator pressed the launch button without hesitation。
As Gu Changfeng expected,At least three tanks were emitting fire at the top at the same time,Then one after another fire dragon flew in different directions,The screaming sound of the projectile rang through the entire wasteland,The long tongue of the tail flame splits the misty snowy field into very irregular spaces。
The big praying mantis suddenly changes color,In an instant,He has a hallucination,As if facing a powerful blow from a great supernatural power in the once demon abyss,That terrifying force at the time was like the tongue of flames flying like this,With a screaming sound,Irritating,worrying and nervous,Simultaneously,Fansheng’s team would take the initiative to attack and surprise him,Then became angry,This is too far from the perception of the swordsman,The provocation of ants is hard to accept,So the swordsman decided to give these weak creatures a strong counterattack。
A total of more than a dozen fire lights flew in different directions,There are four roads flying towards you,The knife man laughed at himself,“can not tell,Take care of Lao Tzu like this?”
Even though,The knife man’s eyes became serious,Speculation from Fansheng’s response,They are clearly prepared,Even know yourself very well,Now that I understand,Dare to be so presumptuous,It’s not stupid or it’s hiding something better,But so what?Swordsman has his own pride,The mere tongue is not enough to shake his confidence,of course,It’s hard for my companions to say。
The knife man’s triangular mouth shrank,Make a harsh scream,Remind companions to avoid,And immediately fell to the ground,Obviously the opponent’s target in the air,At the same time the body spins,Plummet down like a top。
But the next moment,The expression of the knife man is even more solemn,Because the screaming fire light will chase me and fly,It’s like opening eyes,At the same time, there was a dull boom not far away,Blaze,Screaming,He knew that a companion was hit,But the blood family is born with a strong body,If it wasn’t for being bombarded directly,There should be a chance,It’s a pity that I lost my voice soon,A very faint blue light flashed,That seems to be the light emitted by magical tools。
Mortal practitioners ambush on the ground,The swordsman had already noticed when he was high in the sky,But the opponent is very weak in his eyes,Did not attract high attention,But now he regrets it,The weakest practitioner has magical powers,At this time, it is natural to act as a supplementary knife.。