After all, now,How should this matter?。

In fact, it is itself.,at this point,It’s just right.,Just try to try it.。
And by the side of Huang Yuanjiang,Other yellow family guard,Also very angry。
They now look at Shen Xuan,Even hate,Will Shen Xuan gave a broken corpse talented。
“Humph,Boy,You have not been empty and confident.。”
“Let’s everyone,Still talking to him so much nonsense?,It’s right directly.。”
“This is of course,Let’s take a breath.,Don’t believe,Even he can’t deal with it.。”
This,With these people,I didn’t forget to talk to my eyes.。
The more like this,In fact, they look at them.,This matter should still need to solve it quickly.。
As for Shen Xuan,Instead, it is for such things.,What yourself,Don’t think。
Is this only??
Just these,For the current,What is it??
Careful thinking,But it is more harmonious,In fact, this matter,Don’t you do it?。
Look at your eyes,Shen Xuan put his hand。
“come,I don’t know how you live.,It is really going to come,Let’s have a good time.!”
When Shen Xuan said directly in front of him,The whole person’s speed begins to speed up。
Look,Almost just between blink,I have directly arrived in front of you。
In front of Shen Xuan,Surroundings,What is I don’t think?。
they think,Advantage of the number of people,I must solve Shen Xuan’s。
But the more it goes back,Their heart began to produce a doubt。
them,Can you really solve Shen Xuan??
“This Shenxuan,Why is it so strong??”
Huang Yuanjiang sees here,deep in the heart,Also movement。
but now,Already a point where the arrow is in the string。
so now,Since it is already determined to do this?,So don’t think so much,I’m right directly.。
Just see this,This,The eyes of Huang Yuanjiang flashed a murder。
Start now,The more like this,In fact, it looks in Huang Yuanjiang.,The whole person’s heart is getting more excited.。
“Other things,No more than a temporary。”
“but now,Since you have already met,So, still directly, see the true chapter.!”
When Huang Yuanjiang said directly in front of his eyes,This is said。
Don’t tell you at least temporarily。
For the current,at this point,How much is it。