flatAShot,QSkills are also accurate, and the leopard fled back。

Leopard’s blood is directly emptied,His figure also fell to the ground,Falling in front of Teh。
then,I have been catching up and slowly,Liu Qingsong, who is going to the palace,It is finally after it is close to enough distance.,Directly release the big recruits to settle。
next moment,Continuous ring control。
finally,The head of Sai is also being cleared by the palace.ezAcceptable。
On the other side of the battlefield,Facing the cofferdam of wine barrels and Akari,EvengaaThe operation is already perfect。
Flashing hiding the wine barrelEflash,useRHideR。
But finally,Iphanless,Still can’t wait until the support of the auxiliary cattle。
Halcumbered the blood volume of the barrel to half blood,gaaHuman headdukeDirectly accept。
Although,rookieJessSDGThe damage is filled,butSDGRemaining two,There is only a beautiful one who is a wolf and escape.。
This wave group battle,IGI have played a wave directly.1Change4Raise。
“My goodness!My goodness!qgWhat is this??FacingSDGTwo people’s encirclement,He is not just successful escape,Also succeeded in killing leopardians!”
A voice,With an unbearable emotion,Falling in understanding。
Subsequent,His sound,Also followed,On this stage of the stage。
“My God is,This wave is incredible,qgThis wave is directlySDGThe Shangyu Show,This waveIGTo determine the victory directly.!”
The sound of the two is equally excited,People can’t help but doubt,Is this a tacit understanding of the moon for a long time??Still because such two people will become partners.?
“IGWow,This is too much to understand.,Too foul?have a lookgaa,That isADCThe normal script being encircled?”
Excited sound,Also through the studio,The audience that conveyed to every look at this game。
“See also the god,My mother is stupid.,Palace, you can’t raise some scenes。”
“Wow,thisez,When I saw it before.,I thought that Qiang Bao did not play space.。”
“Belly,ezShouldn’t it be a toolman??Miyao this wave refreshes my cognition of this hero。”
“Just your mother,ComparegaaReally bad,Also hiding you can hide,But it is hard to immerse。”
“Hahaha,feelIGThe new season will take off.,I want to see them take the spring championship.。”
“Yes,last yearIGTemple,I really regretted for a long time.。”
“it’s okay no problem,There is a palace this season.,IGAbsolutely the most hopeful to get the Spring crown。”
“????Why means,You are already studyingMSIThe opponent is?”
After this wave,IGDirectly won Dalong。
Subsequent,AccompanyIGStep-by-step operation,SDGAll outer towers are all posed。
finally,exist23Minute,IGarriveSDGMiddle road highland。
Chapter 225 Promote the top four
InIGEveryone cameSDGHighland,OngoingpokeLetSDGBlood volume flying quickly。