“This is an important secret,Wait until you really have a second game or third bureau failed,I will know。”Qingdao is scalloped。

“okay,That is to be comforted by you,I decided to sleep all day tomorrow.,Forcibly。”
“do not、do not!What to win will win me?!”
“Well,Lie to you。”
At this time, other teammates have also rushed from the lounge.。
“The final battle office is beautiful,Follow this momentum,It should also be easily taken tomorrow.!”Bamboo knife speaking。
“Senior bamboo knife,Please stop your dangerous behavior。”Star。
“Why?It’s dangerous.?”
“Ok,How are you happy?”
Star married and went to the small voice:“Is there any abnormal symptom??”
Corporation:“Not fast,Let’s come back.,not much time,Have to hurry。”
“Um,By the way, help you check if the state is intact。”
A group of people quickly returned to the lounge,Place the chessboard,Cultural recovery playback。
In the room in the stern,The curtain of the piano is opened,Gao Dynasty, the piano sounds from the sea.。
“Boss’s Yaxing is really good.,Just lost chess,Just playing the piano here,Is it intended to summon the mermaid to help him guide the guidance??”Xi Qi, this time, the ingredients of the ridicule are very large.,With a few minutes。
After all, the first game lost.,As a teammate, he is definitely not very happy.,I even want to ask a few bossa, you can’t do it.。
“Boss this playful song,Difficulty increases several levels,Sure enough, the boss as long as the emotions are in place.,Will you do anything??”
“Yes,He ran to go,Regardless of the art world,Still a huge loss for the scientific community.。”Xi Qi, I have only to sigh.。
A few days ago, they were still a solid five-person team.,The result is after the end of the battle today.,Xuan Yuxi 躺 躺 躺 医 医,Well, the door is like unlocked the heart.,I have been watching the sea on the balcony of the room。
Only when he is still in the officer.。
Boss’s words seem to be unclear personnel。
The last piano is falling from the highest,Flood-like note is also abundant,Donned。
Yinchuan Longhe is still unresolved from the piano,The intoxicated look is like the bathing of holy springs.。
“so sorry,Distinguished,Let you be so unhappy,I will not let you down tomorrow.。”He pressed the chest,A little more。
“what?”Xi Qian。
He dares to express dissatisfaction,I feel that the other party is indulging.,Shouldn’t hear him saying
“Just as you see,Corporation is a great opponent,He let me lose the first game,I have been forced into the desperate situation at this moment.,out on a limb,But because of this,The next victory is meaningful,Not?”
Yinchuan Longhe hosted the invitation cup,The sea outside the window begins to boil out the bubble。
West Thousands of throat。
What is going to recover?。
In the Yinchuan Longhe。
The next day, the morning lifted from the sky.——
However, there is no。