Zhou still does not move。

Nan Ge stared at the menu some entangled:“What is the difference between pig’s foot and pig’s trotters??Trogo is just a fork?”
Finally, Nan Ge, a big pot of sour vegetables,Add a lunch meat、Quail eggs and lettuce,Then she talked with her new roommate and she played from a child to the big Jiang Han.,Because she felt that they were like Jiang Han。
Zhouzhi touched the mobile phone。
After a moment,He said to Nan Ge:“Do you want to see a group??Still feeling very interesting。”
“Female classmate,Male classmates。”
“What’s the meaning?”
Nan Gencens perceived,I quickly saw the phone and saw it.,Gradually her face became interesting,I stared at the phone from time to time.。
Zhou Zhi took the opportunity to put her on the table.,Be open。
The above points remember a lot of things——
Sachets of Guandu Ancient City;
Cultural Lane’s taste;
Fuyuan sour vegetable pork feet in Nandu;
Tianrun Kangyuan Community’s Crossing;
Water roast tofu;
Old milk;
Zhou turn over the second page。
Nan Ge’s voice interrupted him:“Zhouzhi you look at the Wang Danfa,Ha ha ha ha!”
Zhou leaves her little book,Open your phone——
Physics18Wang http://www.wtxwifi.cn Dan(Minister of Entertainment):Girls don’t be sad,Although Nan Ge became a girl,But Nan Ge has brought you a super handsome guy.,The voice of the nantang is useful to use his voice.。
Zhouzhi expression becomes strange。
This teacher said this.,I am afraid that no one will be chasing nano in the short term.,No one chasing him。
Very fast hot pot。
Zhou Zhiye look,It’s a big difference with him.。
Hot pot is not a red pot,Qing Dynasty,The sour is not the kind of old mortchuts he imagined.,But based on white radish,Nor is not the bubble colorful sour radish in the old duck soup,Very white。
Pig foot is not a fresh pig foot。
But the smoked pork elbow,Cut into a piece,Look at the pot in the pot,Red。
Nan Ge greeted the new roommate to start。
The Zhou also launches a radish to taste。
It is very refreshing,Only http://www.mychalk.cn few very little sour,Don’t taste it carefully。
He likes to eat white radish。
I have a piece of pig feet and taste it.,Good taste。
Asked him on the side:“This is not even better after this.?I haven’t cooked.,But it is also cooked。”
There is no sound。
Nan Ge also no longer watching the phone.,She then throwing these people,Look up and ask:“Have a few people in your dormitory.?”
“Only me。”
“Our dormitory is also my and package……Certainly。”