Safeguard:“As long as the big brother is ignorant,What should I don’t??”
Ning Feifei laughs:“Safe,You are really too true.,I told you a real thing.,I am in the love sea for a few months.,I can see the couple to eat every day.,I
Looked a boy,A different woman with three different women in a week,How do you guess??”
Blue Hind eats peanuts in hand:“Will not finally be hiered by a few women.?”
Ning Feifei shakes the head:“wrong,The situation of the boy and the situation of Actu are the same.,In fact, he is already married.,The company’s female colleagues have been giving him a diligence,He can’t stand
lure,Just bring different women to love the sea。”
“Finally, he was discovered by his wife.,I am coming to my store.,I’m divorced back.。More than a week,Her wife also took the new boyfriend to my store.,Measuring her
Forefather’s thing,I am listening to the taste of Jinjin.。”
Le Yu is afraid of listening to some:“What should I do if the Ah is no longer a temptation??I seem to be 揍。”
An else is also worried:“Brother is straightforward to help people,If you encounter such a woman, what should I do??”
Blue Xin:“……”Su Seiming is directly pure to have a little bit.……However, there is an easy,He should not。
“Girls,Do you want too much??”However, her husband has often wrapped by a woman.,This is calculated,She is not better than they.,But still there is still not too Multi-crisis。
Ning Feifei smiled and hit her:“Blue,That’s because your husband never lets you feel this crisis.,So you never worry……”
“That is what I let you feel the sense of crisis??”Suddenly dangerous sound at the door,Interrupt Ning Feifei’s words,Clean a little angry and damn charming。
Ning Feifei suddenly heard his husband’s voice,Scared to hide behind Blue Xin and Le Yu:“Blue,Gather,Help!”
Blue Xin:“……”Awkward。
Blue Xin looked at six dazzling big men,And the face on the four faces is not very good。
Wei Jin pulled the corner of Lalin wild,I always feel that this is wrong.。
They still find a place to live again.。
Lin Ye, of course, knows the meaning of the right,He just heard the chat content of several women.。
But I want to leave a good show.。
“Ning Feifei,come here,Let’s talk about it。”Ou Jingzhen looked at Ning Feifei,Face is very heavy。
No man is not angry when he is really suspicious.。
Ning Feifei is directly holding Blue Xin,Originally, a few pure gossip,That will think that it will be heard by them.。
“I……I can’t,I have something to say and blue.。”Ning Feifei is unyielding,Anyway, holding Blue Xin is not putting。
“Gather,You come over,Let’s talk about it,I am not the man who said in your mouth.,Xu Li and there is no relationship。”Mu Zi’s honor is also a bit bad,This is really impossible
Le Yu is angry with him.,not talking,She suddenly flicked,“Sisters,Do you have anyone tonight??”
Ning Feifei read an eye of Europe,I nodded quickly.:“have。”
An Ke also looked at home brother:“have。”
“It’s not much to be blue.,My sons are not,Have a lot of time,I invite you to sing all night tonight tonight.。”
Blue Xinyi,Happy。
Lu Haocheng saw this little wife’s eyes,Le Yu successfully turned his wife。
“it is good,I go。”Blue Xin smiled and nodded。
Muzi:“……”Wife,Do you hate me so??Lu Haoheng and Ou Jing,Su Sei Ming waited for him to give him。
Ning Feifei:“I……I haven’t sang for a long time.,I agree。”