“That the world snake really has no view of the emergence of supporting the law.,No longer think about the core of capture?”Han Jiang is not willing to ask,After all, there is a little more about this kind of confidentiality.。

Chapter 644 Bella forward four
Suddenly a big wind blows,The ferry hat is blown by the wind,Surprising hair slipped from the hood。
Honor,Broken, I lick my hair.,very beautiful。
Han Jiang’s eyes moved,This look of ferry him really has http://www.sdassd.cn seen。
“No。”Ridicule:“You may not be clear if I don’t know,But this I know。”
“There are too many cores of domain,Up to the key to producing mass production,There is no great role,Therefore, the lord said, let you play it yourself.。”
“Okay,I will no longer bother you.,gone。”
After saying that there is a lotus to turn around,No nostalgia。
“Is she really do not play bad ideas??”Qi Yaina。
After all, the world snake is not a good organization.,Nothing is not worth surprising in the back。
Han Jiang shrugs:“Then I will not be clear.,Who knows what they have?,Anyway, inform us,Oh,There is still a destiny,Let them be careful。”
Drougrant,After a while, I will disappear in the field of view.。
No topic,Qi Yana didn’t know what to say.。
Qi Yana is entangled together,You can use the boots to drill a hole in your feet.,Then make a deputy determination。
“Han Jiang!”
Seeing that Qi Yana solemnly called himself,Han Jiang also consciously standing,Ask:“What’s wrong,Qi Yana classmates。”
“Han Jiang……”Qi Yana’s face is slightly red,Her hands touched together,Then look up at the face of Hanjiang:“How did you think about me??”
“How to see you?”
“hiss……”Han Jiang is thinking,Qi Yana gave his chest and said:“Do not lie to me,Say your heart,Have a truth!”
http://www.mjcj168.cn “Well……”Han Jiang said seriously:“To say how I look at you?……”
“Qi Yana is a positive and optimistic in my heart.,Want to protect others,I have something to say, I dare to do it.,Be brave enough to take responsibility……”
Qi Yana shakes the head,One word says:“I don’t listen to you.,I mean!You are!how!Look at!I!of!”
Han Jiang reached out,I took Qi Yaa in his arms.。
“You?,You are my favorite girls。”
“Of course it is true。”Han Jiang does not think。
Because Qi Yana is the first girl in Hanjiang.,Whether it is in the game,Still after coming to this world。
Hanjiang itself is a special passive person with a wave of flowers.,Command is changed,Not thinking about changing the environment。
If not because Qi Yana,Han Jiang did not agree with Yawhua to Santa Reeda School,There will be http://www.pianopartner.cn so many things。
Kiyana,Han Jiang can naturally speak your true feelings。
“you……real……like me?”Qi Ya is not willing,Again asked again。
“Of course。”Han Jiang’s answer is the same as before。
Qi Ya is happy to bury his head in the chest of Hanjiang,Oh, it’s a while。
“Really didn’t because of my identity,Or what am I?,Will you see me??”