“this”Staff surprises:“In this case,May not completely remove the target,Instead, there will be a lot of ammunition resources”

“Excuting an http://www.byccwsd.cn order!”
It seems in De Lisa,The safety of a few people in Ji is the most important,If there is anything wrong, you can also explore,But a few people in Ji can’t be dangerous.!
After the command is issued,Houburyian war ship opens several fire output ports,The shell is not to hit down like money.!
The artillery fire begins to cover the position of several people in the Ji,Apricot is already on the preservation of the godfather。
“Next time, you must pack them.,In particular, which kid!”Xing hated hate。
蚩 蚩 body,Han Jiang still escapes。
When Houbury is starting to fight,Apricot has opened anti-reconnaissance mode,Shield Shiberian signal with special frequency bands。
This is an emergency response to reverse entropy,And how long does it take?,Can only be dragged to evacuation。
http://www.nygwwl.cn After three minutes,Fire-covered,蚩蚩 的 身 变 洼。
Without apricots, the championship and the firepower of Houbury,Several people stop sitting in place。
“It should be fine.?”Han Jiang asked。
Bologna point head:“Large shield signal source is far from very fast,Down Houbury land only2Minute58Second,Apricot has been evacuated from 蚩 蚩。”
Qi Ya Na bored stepped below,Looking at the place where the potholes being hit in the distance:“When this group is active, the body is so hard.,Why is it going to fight??”
“There is no protection of cracking energy,The body of Yuxi has begun to slowly decay。”Han Jiang explained。
Body decay,It means that it is impossible to resurrect again.。
soon,Shiberian stopped,De Lisa jumped directly from the deck.。
“How about it,You are fine.?”De Lisa cares from the face of everyone,I http://www.sxjqcj.cn saw Ji asked nervous:“What happened to Hi?”
“Journal of Academy,Ji children are currently in good health,The rest is the degree of integration with native holy marks。”Broniahui report。
“Nothing,Nothing,Take a ship!”
Houburya behind him has put down the lift,Several people go up。
Ji was arranged to enter the Houburyian medical office.,Others have received treatment in the past。
In addition to Kii,Han Jiang looks at the most horrible。
Ji Lin’s sword almost took the Hanjiang body,If it is not the defense of the Qiankun gossip,And the protection of great power in Xiao Yun holy marks,Where can Hanjiang still stand here?。
After receiving simple treatment,Han Jiang has returned to the fighting staff,Han Jiang is sitting on a chair,The head is asleep against the wall.。
Schiri, see Hanjiang, sleep,Take a blanket covered in Hanjiang’s body.。
I do not know how long it has been,Han Jiang woke up。
There is no one in the lounge.,Han Jiang took the elevator to Houbury’s highest level。
Outside the uppermost hanging window,The sun has fallen as the sea,The sky is replaced with the rays of the stars.。
“Wake up,Classic ship bridge。”De Lisa’s voice suddenly appeared in the ear of Hanjiang。
Han Jiang stunned,Go to the bridge。
Only Disa in the bridge is sitting on the podium,Do not see a few people of the bud。
“The emergence of 蚩蚩 has caused a huge impact,There are still many collapsed beasts that have left the original territory.,Make this regional danger。”
“Yuezhou City has a medium-sized collapsed animal wave.,Even if the local operation department processing is timely,There are still many collapsed beasts on the shore,Bringing a lot of trouble for the local operations department。”