Still use it clearly??”

Qing Qingjing。
Lan Xin looked at her seriously,Suddenly understand ,These two people play together??
“Blue,what happened?”
Lu Haocheng took the package box to come over。
Woman looking at Le Zhenxi and sitting on the floor,Slight eyebrow。
Blue Xin looked at him,Some grievances,“Ah Cheng,You came。”
Lu Haocheng looked at her grievance,I know that she is calculated by the other party.。
Le Zhenxi looks at the waiter not far away:“Is there a monitoring here??”
Song Ni’s heart is in an instant。
I saw that waiter shook his head.:“Sorry this gentleman,Our store has just opened,The camera is not fully ready。”
Song Ni Song has an angry,She went to observe before,No camera around,And she also said.。
“Continental,Since you come,Just look at your wife’s vicious face.,I just want to talk to her.,I have repeatedly speaking to her.,She wants to ruin me in an angry.。”
Song Nii took the opportunity to destroy Blue Xin。
Lu Hao’s eyes looked at her,Taunt:“This reason,My wife is used to destroy you.?
Send yourself into the tale。”
“Continental”“My wife is destroyed.,Who saw it??”
Lu Haocheng interrupted her words。
This woman,Isn’t the woman in the hotel in the hotel??
Blue blue is not happy after seeing her.。
Song Ni looks like Lanxin Town,Some panic,This woman can face this as usual with this look.。
Where is she?
“The medicine is still in her hands??”
Song Ni face calmly refers to the blue bottle in her hands。
Blue Xin looked at Lu Haozheng,Innocently blinking,That innocent look,Announced Lu Hao Cheng fly to her eyes。
Washing her。
Everyone:“”This time I still don’t forget the dog food.,Excuse me,I have just been eaten.。
Lu Haozheng low-looking medicine bottle in Blue Hind,Slow explanation,“This is what she stuffed.,Besides,She shocked me when she torn her clothes.,I have a little little woman,How can I?。”
“Later, she took this medicine when I was in my hands.,I only know what she wants to do.?
She does not dare to spill her face,Can only be planted in the clavicle。”
“Ah Cheng,Hexi,It’s really a long time.,But how is this method??”
“Blue Xin,Relying on your voice,Who will believe。”
Song Nii is not calm。
“Then you talk about it.,What did you say before??
Why do I want you for you??”
“Moreover,I have not yet stupid things.,Who is it worth doing??”
Song Ni is anxious,“You warn me, I am a little left.”Blue Xin interrupted,“Yes,I have forgotten it.,This is your warning to me.,When the hotel is in the hotel,Over the toilet you have warned me,Let me leave the Heaven,Later, I also sent WeChat to meet me.,I don’t want to meet you.,You will send WeChat to insult me.。”
“Today, I found it from the performance of such a wonderful play.,In order to let Yan Xi,In order to ruin my reputation,You really have a blood.。”