“team leader。”Zuo Luo looked at him,“It is better to answer my question first.,After going out, I will tell you more.?”

No one in the two people don’t retreat,Ji Yao Zuo Luohuan,His moves are crushed,Just look at her,Slow speed,Can be made without too much force。
Zuo Luohuan is back to the coming,Stretching his arms,Go forward,Put him forward。
When the coming is about to fall to the ground,He also put Zuo Luohuan to the ground。
Zuo Luo, who can be avoided,Gaze,Not avoided,Instead, I will fall down with his strength.,Fall in the fall,Hand pad after Ji Yue。
“uWho is on a disk??”Zuo Luohuan asked Yue Yue,“Qian Mao is still a snow?”
Oki’s migraine,What does the nose feel smell?,I want to see clearly.,Beneaded by Zuo Luo,Hard-to-eat。
“I have changed a problem,From when you find it wrong?”Zuo Luo whispered to him。
Oki looked up,People who look at the body,Cold channel:“There are many ways to treat enemy trials.,It is better to try the answer before the end of the game.。”
Zuo Luo stared at him for a long time.,Finally raise hands to fain people,Break the trigger on the bodies。
Hereed,Only her alone on the entire field。
Zuo Luo will help the coming,The palm of the back is already pierced by a nail.,She is not expressing her hand,No nails blocked,The palm is instantly,She is free to tear a lingerie,Tie in palm,Then the Ocean is supported on the side of the column。
“Hold,Gratify。”Hui Bing who has been eliminated to see this scene,I can’t help but say a sentence.。
Cutoff and Qianmao have not paid attention to this detail,They are repairing their own hearts。
Zuo Luo has passed over these three people.,Not founduTrace of disks。
Where is the big probability of being hidden?。
“That left classmate,We take people away.?”The staff is just the two encountered before.,Waiting for her to finish after finishing her。
Zuo Luo nodded:“Can。”
Sour from the first off to the backpack,The third level is also open at the same time.―http://www.nwish.cn―Find a spy。
Zuo Luo’s backpack,There is a task card,People in the suction of the backpack are spies,Helps Gaishro Empire to complete the task in the second time,It is also this blue group。
The exercise competition is one month,First turn ten days,Rest five days,The second game is not said.,The people in the red blue group think that it is the same as the first level.,Ten-day,In fact, fifteen days,Because the five days after the first level, the game is also considered.,Not a break time not included in the team。
Zuo Luo turned his head and looked at the place where it was empty.,She still found five daysuplate。
Oki is not put on,That is hidden?,Zuo Luo is looking back along the road they have passed.。
Zuo Luoyuan focused on her a few times.,But there is still no harvest。
When did he discover??
Zuo http://www.xiaomendun.cn Luohuan stands on the top of the shopping malls stationed in their first time,No expression looks down。
When she is with him,Always observe,Never found that he has hidinguDish action。
Leye small town is not big,But when I willuDischarged away,It is not easy to find it.。
Four days,Sufficient of this group of military schools back from a piece of hit,At this moment they stand in the monitoring room,ControversyuWhere is the tray?。
“It must be throwing。”Rosau looked at Zuo Luo, who was alone in the surveillance,“Let her arrogant,Can’t find it in the end。”
“Director,Where are you hiding??”Anying Jingjing asked。
Oki’s no answer,Quiet look at the palm of Zuo Luohuan in the surveillance,There……Is hurting him?