Han Yuxuan laughed,Laugh,Very happy。

That time,When they slept,They all stayed with the other party and did not accompany the time around each other.。
This is the gift to them.,Although he also felt very strange,But there is more strange things in the world.,Fortunately, this happened in his and Kiki’s body.,I have a regret between each other.。
Eleventh point,Guests gradually dissipate,Blue Qi Qi and Xiao Jixiang,Sulele,Ouyo will come out from the private room。
Han Yuxuan did not see her in one night.,I miss her very much.。
He is walking towards Blue Qiqi,Lu Haocheng, not far away, suddenly got a warning of a warning。
Han Yuxuan smiled with his face,“Lu Shu,I will send you back.。
”Lu Haocheng refused:“No need。”
Han Yuxuan is reluctant:“Lu Shu,Then I sent Qi Qi back。”
Lu Haocheng listened to this,I have a fire in my heart.,Burnt chest hot hurt。
Blue, who has returned to China, also gone,Grasping the fist in Han Yu,Evil:“Han Yuxuan,Stinky boy,Defend you from small,I am like a thief to prevent you.,Kiki is still from you,I am very special, I want to have you a meal.。”
First2160Chapter Annual1
“I will not say that Kiki will not say it.,You also make her sad injury ,Han Yuxuan,I want to marry Qiqi,No_Door!”
Blue and blue, especially angry,I heard the news of my sister.,He pushed all the schedules,Directly returned to China。
Han Yuxuan laughed,Confident full opening:“Two brother,I will work hard to become a qualified brother.。”
Blue and blue:“”Is he allowed??
He strives to have a fart!“Can’t,From now on,You can’t see our family,http://www.lygshaiwang.cn Qi Qi.。”
Blue sorrow, I will 揍, you will。
“Two brother,How do you bullish Yu Xuan??”
Blue and blue,I am not happy to watch two brothers.。
Blue and sorrowful,I have a chest.,Hand holding mother’s hand,“Ma Ma,How did you raise a daughter??
I feel that I have never been supported.。”
Two words,Buffet blue and soft。
She laughed with her eyebrows,Special kindness,“Okay,Don’t care about Yuxuan and your sister。”
Blue Xin took the head of the son,This child grew up more than Lu Haozheng.,The genetic gene is strong。
She wants to touch my son’s head,I have to pick up my foot,Sincerely tired。
“Ma Ma,You are also bad!It’s just a help of abuse?”
Blue sage is very dissatisfied,Sexy lip,In Blue Hind,Nothing for a child。
Blue Xin smiled and glanced at him.,“Happen,Mom has something to find Yu Xuan。”
http://www.zhmsyjzy.cn Blue Xin looked at Han Yuxuan:“Yuxuan,You go to tell your parents.,You first go to my house tonight.,I have something to say to you.,Too late,You stay in Longcheng Villa tonight。”
Han Yuxuan nodded,“Good,Aunt。”
Han Yuxuan turned and went to call Yisui,Yi Yinwei naturally does not stop the son to go to the land。
Opposite,Blueness, take the initiative to invite his son to her home,She is so happy that she is too late.。