But I didn’t expect it.,The king of the legendary killer is actually strong.。

Because of the past,As long as the strength reaches a certain level,Already not afraid of the common firearmers。
Ken killer can kill half-god masters with firearms……How can this make them not shocked?,How can I not http://www.xingronlaling.cn pay attention?。
a whole day,The whole summer is all boiling,Many masters come to the masters.。
That is this day,Focus on a message,It seems that the king of the killer will also conduct the challenge of the dominant。
This news makes everyone expects,Also make many people。
There is also a message,Only small people know。
Just at last night,One of the nine big hegens,M13Leinhart,Be killed by people。
As for what he died,Where to die,Who kills……All have become a mystery。
Important,Deinhart’s death,Give many people a choice。
Challenge the people in the world……Or to competeM13Dominant……Which choice is more favorable?
this day,Defined to make many people exciting。
Because the next day will be more expected。
Xing Jian looked at the black clothes standing in http://www.fstongye.cn front of him.,Face is very ugly。
“He is still in Qinghai?”
Youth low,The forehead emerges a layer of fine cold sweat,“The same as yesterday,Summer morning to send a small flower to go to school,Then I went to the Baihua Group,I ate lunch outside at noon.,Get off work at three o’clock in the afternoon,Drive and rushed to Pearl Primary School……”Merely,He carefully wiped his forehead with his hand.,“Now……It should be home now.。”
Xing Jian’s face is mixed with water,Beneneited in your hands,Continuously cleather fists and release。
Half half,He spit out a sigh,Ask,“What is the situation in Xiayiwei?。”
“No,Nothing,Or after the morning,Black snake and madman,The elite of the two forces was scrapped overnight.,It is said that the killer of the killer is……”Not finished,Xing Jian posted hands。
These messages have been heard in the morning.。
“I asked is a human world.,Didn’t you move?。”
“Not,Self-ended,The world is maintained in a very light gesture……”Xing Jian swayed,Stop again。
He is also difficult to keep calm,Still on the ground。
He wants to,I also want to understand。
The challenge of the domineering of tomorrow is to start,Why is summer steady on the Diaoyutai?。
What should he do next??
Strongly grab the little girl named Xiaohua from the hands of the summer?
This thought is a life,It was covered by Xing Jian’s life.。
Not exaggerated,He followed the Jun Lin,Witnessing the growth of summer,Clear than anyone,How is the strength of summer now?。