Summer smiled nodded,“How did you follow??”1t

“This is blamed for my father.。”Mingyu,Dissatiscard, look at it,“He doesn’t let me go to you.。”1t
Say,Summer opening,Tay your little fist immediately,“Xiao Tian Ge,The foreigner also has those Western medicine that our Chinese medicine is pseudoscience.,Be a feudal superstition,There are also some guys to attack my father.,Xiao Tian Ge,You must give them a little color to see。”1t
Mingli strangely,But you can see,He is very loved on his own daughter.,“I will talk to the scene for a while.,Otherwise, I will never take you again later.。”1t
“Know it。”Mingyu turned over the eyes,Following serious view of summer,“Xiao Tian Ge,Be careful in Ming Hheuan in the future,Humph,The guy brows……”1t
“Small bowl!”1t
Mingyu, a neck,Spit out。1t
There is an ancient girlfriend,Not dull along the way。1t
About 40 minutes later,The car parked at the door of a luxury hotel。1t
I still see it in the summer in the car.,An unusual banner is hung in front of the hotel,Write a big word above。1t
【Welcome all Chinese medicine colleagues to Beijing】1t
Besides,There are more than 30 people standing below the banner.。1t
These people are dressed in retro,Not a Chinese dress is Tang suit。1t
And is the old man of the clear color,Among them, there are more than 50 years old.,At least seventy years old is also a big age.。1t
When Mingli get off at,These people all look up。1t
Several people are more like color,Match the big step。1t
Don’t see Mingli is not old.,But he has no small achievements in the medical field.。1t
Western medicine first,Later, more research,He communicated with many famous old Chinese medicine practitioners in China.,And his enrollment and humility,Also received these old Chinese medicine recognition。1t
“Ha ha,Ming doctor came,Great。”1t
“Ming doctor,Be sure to give the foreign, there are also those Western medicine.。”1t
“Correct,Our Chinese medicine inherits the millennium,Yuanyuan,How to become a pseudo-science,How to be feudited。”1t
A group of old schools are dissatisfied,Soon will be mutually around。1t
At this time,An old man of Jozo 60,Suddenly faced,“Ming doctor is also Jing Western medicine,And quite achievement,He instead of the Chinese medicine,Will not cause disease?”1t
“How to be sick?”1t
“that is,Ming Doctor Jing Western Medicine……And represent Chinese medicine is completely two things。”1http://www.szsftbwphnvffu.cnt
“It’s hard to say this.,I am afraid that some people who don’t have face picks up the problem.。”1t
Everyone is awkward,Peripheral。1t
“Allocate,Dear brothers listen。”1t
Ming Han has to laugh and improve the sound。1t
After people come quietly,He is full of face,Loudly,“Don’t worry,Our Huaxia Traditional Chinese Medicine is a generation of old ancestors.,Profoundly,Yuanyuan,Bo in the feelings,Essential research,Well in history,It is not only a pseudo science today.,More premium feudal superstition,All major people are working hard for our traditional Chinese medicine.,I mighty tangent to short the shortcomings of the shortcomings.……”1t
Voice is just,A pieceming。1t
Almost all old men are excited,Even a few people have some red eyes.。1t
It’s just a mix of the holiday in the crowd.,Face。1t
Isn’t this the father who once said?,It was turned to be used here.。1t
But he can’t deny,This time, I did say that these old people’s hearts。1t