Yancheng Oriental Automobile Square Cultural Activity

Modern Express News (correspondent Mu Yujie reporter Jiang Zhenjun) "continued to show in automobile cultural activities, improve our brand in Yancheng area, and next we will consider the joint Oriental Automobile Square to carry out some sports car cultural activities." Yancheng PorscheThe center of the center said that the brand entered the Yandicheng Oriental car for more than a year, and has been supported by the propaganda and automotive cultural activities. It has reached the market expectation.

Huimin car, car music festival, auto city assembly competition, car sportsman … In recent years, Yancheng Oriental Automobile Square has adhered to the principle of "Limin" "Huimin", continues to carry out shopping, audio, and leisure. One car culture festival, activate the consumer market, improve the brand influence, and better promote car consumption and potential release, and promote "car +" economy, drive local development. On April 11, accompanied by a green referee flag, falling, the 4th auto city assembly race in Oriental Automobile Square officially kicked off.

The event is jointly hosted by the Communist Youth League Salt City Salt Done District Committee, Yancheng Oriental Automobile Plaza Party, Yan Dance International Automobile City Management Co., Ltd., Overseas Haicheng Automobile City Co., Ltd. Co-organized, China People’s Property Insurance Co., Ltd. Yancheng Branch support.

It is understood that this year’s automobile assembly competition attracted 76 cars, 152 riders participated, and the general report was taken by the Chinese Automobile Federation of the first-level referee Wu Xianghua.

The starting point of the trial is the Yan Dance Auto City West Square. The total length of the timing section is about 63 kilometers, and the competition is 75 minutes.

Temmpily, the card point is in the salt of the salt, the end point is located in Daolong Magic Maze Scenic Area. Mr. Zhou is the old friend of the Oriental Automobile Square Car Union.

"It’s a pity. It is necessary to quickly and technology.

"The assembly competition is for the Volkswagen, which is the activity created by the private car owners. It combines the people who are happy with the car game with the car competition. The process of participating in the competition is actually a self-driving tour.

"The relevant person in charge of the Competition Organizing Committee said that the Oriental Automobile Square has held auto urban assembly competitions for four consecutive years, attracting the participation of many cars and tourism enthusiasts.

On May 4, a four-day 2021 Yancheng May 1 Automobile Fair was successfully concluded.

It is reported that this auto show is jointly hosted by the Yancheng Automobile Service Leading Group Office, Shenzhen Joint Auto Show Management Co., Ltd., Hainai Haishi City Automobile City Co., Ltd. . "The total exhibition of the Salt City Automobile Trade Exhibition has more than 30,000 square meters, and more than 30 exhibitors are attracted to more than 200 vehicles.

"The relevant person in charge of the Auto Show Office said that this year’s auto show encloses imported luxury cars, joint ventures, independent national tide, new energy and commercial vehicles, etc., Dongfeng Yueda, Dongfeng Nissan, SAIC, Guangqi Honda, Beijing Hyundai , Changan Auto, FAW Volkswagen, Buick, Mg, Changan Mazda, Harvard, etc. participate in the number.

At the auto show, the modern express reporter saw that Porsche, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Volvo, Jaguar Land Tiger, Cadillac, etc. Surging, being sought after by the public. It is understood that during the auto show, there are more than ten kinds of cultural activities during the cargo, and there are hundreds of car models, and the atmosphere is warm, bringing a new auto show to the car consumers and the public. "I have always been more interested in Dongfeng Yueda Kia’s car. This offer is still not small." Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr. Yifeng lived in Dafeng District, specially rushed to the car show site to buy a car.

Mr. Yan said that the first car in the family is the Toyo Yueda Kia’s Salacha, and then changed the KX5. Now the daughter works, ready to give her KX1, "The model is small, dynamic, suitable for young people, the price is also appropriate." Recently, the Modern Express report learned from the Oriental Automobile Square that in order to improve its own car brand culture, in May, many car dealers themselves also specially planned a series of marketing activities, forming the economic pattern of "car +". On May 15th, Yancheng Porsche Center United Porsche China and Huzhou Porsche Center, Hangzhou Binjiang Porsche Center, Hangzhou Gongshu Porsche Center, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Porsche Center, Jiaxing Porsche Center jointly launched 2021 Porsche Golf Tour.

A total of 72 entrants, the riders in the Sports spirit of the Sports spirit, and enjoy the unlimited fun of golf.

On May 14-17, Yancheng reviewed Babao Motor 4S shop held a GKL + large luxury Chongzuo secret city, and the depth experience BMW always adhered to the "customer-centered" service concept. "Through automotive cultural activities, let the owners really feel the" luxury "service of BMW as a luxury sports brand car enterprise, as well as the benefits of the BMW.

"Yancheng reviewed the relevant person in charge of the 4S shop."

In addition, there are still many carriers to carry out series of promotions.

Such as Yancheng Jiehong, the "peaceful guardian safety travel" event carried out from May 23, specially launched a financial placement ceremony, replacement subsidies, value-for-money purchase ceremony, free maintenance ceremony, value-for-money test drive, etc. Major gift; Changan Ma Shengda Salt City Shen Dian also launched the "Love Week" series of promotions, such as 1 yuan open car, balloon loan easy to buy, old customers enjoy exclusive rights and designated models "hard core" subsidies.

"Various cultural activities themselves can enrich the citizens and entertainment life, and simultaneously combine automotive culture and pulling economic growth, which has made strong contributions to the revitalization of industries, stimulating economic recovery." Professor Yancheng Teachers College said, after years of years Development, the automotive industry of Yancheng Oriental Automobile Square has been fully constructed, revolving around the sales, service and other car industrial chains, promoting the "single economy" transition to "sales service consumption and other multi-functional economy", enhanced cultural taste, inspiring the public The enthusiasm of consumption, giving birth to the "car +" economy, and promoting the continued healthy development of the automotive industry. related suggestion.