Prefabricated vegetables, next trillion catering market

  Prefabricated vegetables rushed! In these two years, prefabricated vegetables became a "fragrant" of consumers in a second line city. In the "Double 11" that has just passed over, prefabricated the "explosion" of major platforms.

Convenient, fast, category, taste, so that it quickly grabbed the busy urban people "pain points", which opened the gate of the blue sea market. Organity predicts that China’s predicated vegetable industry is estimated to be 345.9 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth in my country, and it is expected to achieve more than 3 trillion yuan, and become "next trillion catering market" in the next 6-7 years.

Behind the rapid development is accompanied by a series of issues. Industry insiders pointed out that prefabricated dishes must be farther and must resolve issues such as supply chain, food preservation technology. Market Observation: Precast Hui Hot Pot One Day Sold 200,000 Pot "I often buy it is ten fast-handed vegetables, stuffed into the refrigerator, the one-week ‘big vegetables’ basically solved. And there are many kinds of categories, and the dishes in the north of the north of the north of Northern Northern "Ms. Weng works in design work is very busy. When I go home every day, I will go home at least 7 o’clock. The quick-end dish can let her quickly eat" home "dinner, and you can eat it, you can do it. Save for half an hour.

The reporter found in the interview that the urban white-collar workers like women are not in a small number, busy work, can’t have dinner, let "fast food" become a consumption trend, catalyzes the booming of prefabricated vegetables. Quickly hand dish, ready-made dish, lazy dishes, semi-finished vegetables … These five-speaking name is attributed to "prefabricated dishes". The reporter learned that preform products can be divided into 4 categories, depending on the degree of processing, it can be divided into ready-to-eat food, namely hot food, cooking, ie four categories with food. Equipment food kaosk can be done directly, ie foods need to be with self-contained vegetables, seasonings, cooking, and is the most preform in the four categories. The reporter visited the market, preform is quite rich, such as braised horseshoe lion head, Buddha jumping wall, fragrant peanut pig hand, red burning steak, spicy crayfish, chopped fish head, etc. . This year, "Double 11", prefabricated vegetables rank among the "10 trend of trend" released by Tmall New Life Research Institute. According to Tmall data, this year’s "Double 11" period, including semi-finished vegetables, preform sales in the fast food dishes are hot, and the turnover increases by about 2 times. Cantonese cuisine, Sichuan, Hunan, Northwestern dishes, etc. have launched semi-finished vegetables. The box horses have both wired channels and physical stores. According to it, the sales of fast-cutting online accounts for more than 60%. Miss Chen, the head of the people in Zhannan District, told reporters that the total turnover of the fast-made vegetables this year has reached 10% of the whole, and is one of the fastest growing speeds. "’大 大 冠’ quick-handed hot pot is the hottest goods in autumn and winter, and set a record of single-day sales of 200,000 pot bottoms.

According to the media consultation data, China’s predicated vegetable market is approximately 245.5 billion yuan in 2019. The scale of China’s pre-made vegetable industry is 3.45.9 billion yuan, which has increased year-on-year, and it is expected that China’s prefabricated vegetable market has maintained a growth of about 20%. Rapid growth, 2023 preform market size will reach 516.5 billion yuan, my country’s predicated vegetable industry is expected to achieve 3 trillion yuan, and become "next trillion catering market". Economic "Double-acting reporters with fast life rhythm, prefabricated vegetables are quite active on C-terminal mass consumption market and B-terminal enterprises. Compared to foreign countries, my country’s prefabricated dishes started late, 2000 deep processing The semi-finished vegetable company began to emerge, and the prefabricated dish was curtains.

However, due to immature conditions, the overall development of the industry is slow.

Until 2014, the predicated vegetable industry stepped into the P-Terminal.

The C terminal ushered in the consumption acceleration period last year. Preform "Red Fire" has the reason behind it. Food Industry Analyst Zhu Dan Punt analysis Stability, "The most important thing is that the prefabricated vegetables can reduce the prince, improve the meal, reduce production costs, avoid waste of ingredients in production." Once the "house economy" and the fast life rhythm, prefabricated Vegetables have been "debut" in the C-terminal market last year and ushered in rapid development.

"The housework culture, lazy economy, cooking little white, constantly expansion, provides prefabricated prerequisites.

Now the preform of C-terminal is dominated by mass consumption, and the ingredients are also equipped. In the future, with the prefabricated vegetable upgrade, high-end preform appears without excluding. "However, from the current market share, the B-terminal still occupies the maximum proportion, reaching 80%.

  Market demand has promoted many listed companies layout preform market.

Catering enterprises Guangzhou wine passenger have entered the prefabricated futures last year, and the relevant person in charge told reporters that it has launched 20 single items for the C-terminal market, including beef fried rice, cheese risotto and other lazy people, and Formula and traditional scum meat, etc. The first "taste of the fragrance" is more rich in predicated vegetables, more than 200 preform varieties. China’s largest white-headed chicken production enterprise is developing, which is over 50 varieties in the preparation of prefabricates.

According to the sky-eyed data, as of January 2021, there were more than 4,000 prefabricated related companies in China, and only 4,000 in 2015. So, which dishes are suitable for preform? The person in charge of the Guangzhou wine home said that the raw material is difficult to handle, or a dish of the cooking technology is high; the second is to meet the lazy economy, simple and fast, the package is convenient, the cost is not high. Li Zhong, chairman of the National Federation Aquatic Products, believes that the ingredients that are difficult to handle are more appropriate. For example, the tuna that is difficult to handle. At present, there are nearly 100 dishes developed independently.

  Many puzzles: Is it difficult to personalize? Self-quality period? Prefabricated vegetables are also accompanied by a series of issues in rapid development.

The reporter’s interview learned that the preform industry is in the early stages of development, and the taste is difficult to personalize, the shelf life, and the regional development has become an urgent need to solve. "

  The reporter finds that the preform is more likely to be excellent, approximate the new dishes that are currently produced.

But "Personalization" is a problem with a headache called a supplier. The person in charge of the Guangzhou wine home said that a large amount of production needs to be a good dishes in advance, and it is necessary to fully meet the taste of everyone, and then, the category of the dish has a certain local characteristic, and Chinese dining taste isas Large, currently they are more biased toward regional development.

Zhu Danong said that regional prefabricated dishes have to go to the whole country, the most core is to build a nationalized supply chain and a powerful cold chain system.

Companies that have made prefabricated vegetables do not have national promotion channels, and strong competitiveness is more advantageous.

  The nutrients of prefabricated vegetables and the quality of shelf life are received by consumers.

The reporter saw that the prefabricated in the market has a short insulation period and long shelf life. Wu Bin, Guangzhou, told reporters that he value the freshness of food, some of the prefabricated vegetable protection of the preparation of frozen preparations for 12 months, "To freshness, I made a question mark.

And the time is so long, whether the nutrition will lose, can food safety guarantee? "The reporter found that the prefabricated dish has not yet national standards.

The box horses said that from the real consumption situation, consumers are more preferred from a short shelf life, and its shelf life is only 8-12 days. The Guangzhou wine home uses a quick acute freezing method, first quickly through the -30 ° C to-18 ° C, locked the food center temperature to -18 ° C, locked the fresh flavor of the product while inhibiting the growth of the microorganism. Zhu Dan Punt suggested that combined with the development of the terminal dish to establish a product standard operation process, build a food safety production test system, and continuously iterately updated the pre-product production technology.

He believes that the iterative update of prefabricated vegetables is very rapid, and the prefabricated dishes are "not eating from time to time", more net red personality elements, can form stronger attention and appeal, such as winter solstice, may wish to develop winter solstice Differentiated prefabricated vegetables, catering to audience needs.

(Editor: Shi Xiaojuan).