The national tide variety is a new height, "Dance Millennium" staged a wonderful game

Modern Express News (Reporter Li Ming) # 相 相 和 女 女 女 有 有 美 ## 千 年 每 每 每 文 文 自信 ## 千 开 开 ## 千 千 首 首 观 观 观 感 # … Recently, Cultural Drama Dance Show "Dance Millennium" is broadcast, the content of the program is a cultural and hot search topic.

How is this fairy show and a high viewing and evaluation? △ Henan Satellite TV Dragon Boat Festival "Luo Shen Water" Image Source: Henan Satellite TV official microblogging immersive plot exercise dance, good-looking and rising knowledge △ dance "Song" picture Source: "Dance millennium" official Weibo "Dance millennium" It is jointly created by Henan Satellite TV, B station, and these two producers can be described as "national tide pioneer". Among them, Henan Satellite TV launched the festival wonderful tour of 2021, each time, a hot and explosive model of attracting traffic. Among the first programs, "Dance Millennium" presents "Song", "Confucius" and "Fire" 3 dance programs, each of which makes the audience directly "rising knowledge."

"Same and Song" is a Dance Dance of the Chinese Dance Academy. Song dance dance scene. △ Dance "Fire" Image Source: "Dance Millennium" official microblogging work "Confucius" is an innovative interpretation of the Chinese Opera Dance Theater to the national dance drama, with historical figures, showing the Chinese charm. The "Dance Millennium" is presented in the dance drama, recording Confucius and disciples by the piano sound, into the beautiful illusion of the Datong in the world, the publication of the apricot tree, sent to the landscape.

The last program "fire" is interpreted by Yang Liping Beijing Modern Dance Mission. Creating a worship of the fire in the ancient people, to create a living prototype such as the god, through the dancer smart body, arms and fingers Tip, showing the fire on the swaying … △ Dance "Confucius" fragment "Book" picture Source: "Dance Millennium" official Weibo these dances not only look good, there is still a plot. The Modern Express reporter learned that "Dance Millennium" is introduced by Jianghu Wusi, "12th Feng Zhi", Joe Zhenyu, Xu Minghao, Huayi, Hu Yang, Zhang Xiaolong and other 5 people recommended dance officials, telling Chinese stories in dancing .

The production team has turned more than 20 cities for shooting, and 13 of the 13 top dance groups have appeared in succession, and the entire season will reproduce 24 Chinese dance. "Dance Millennium" integrates dance into the story of the plot, combined with the background of the times to perform new interpretation, let the audience enjoy the dance while chasing. Various film and television drama shooting methods break the formal form of traditional stage, build an immersive Chinese story dance, let the audience feel surprised.

The reporter learned that the Wangfu on the first phase of the "Dance Millennium" programs have attracted a large wave of fans, and look forward to the wonderful brightness of the subsequent dance group.

"New National Tide" program is popular, how to refuse the slot? In recent years, with the popularity of national tide culture, traditional culture appears in the field of public views with a more colorful attitude. Many variety or this theme, or integrated into national tide elements, launched "neighbor’s poems" "longing" "" 关! Please advise "" The most beautiful middle-axis "" debut! Luoyang "Beautiful Star City" and other focus on traditional cultural innovation. Poetry, the traditional Chinese culture, non-legacy cultural, Beijing opera, etc., to the audience in a rich plurality of gestures.

Just playing is constantly refurbished, the influence of each program is large.

△ "China" picture Source: "China" official Weibo in 2021, in the new cultural program, Henan Satellite TV’s holiday wonderful tour series became a "flow king", Central Radio and TV Station Large cultural programs "China" also fired the circle in the new form of "drama + film and television", gains a certain influence. Others playing "new national tide" signboards, the heat does not seem to be lacking, and there is a rare phenomenon in the guest fans of the program.

Although there are too many special effects in the audience’s "Dance Millennium", this show is the market potential of the national tide variety. Modern Express reporters also noted that in the 2022 variety of 2022 variety films in the major Satellite TV and platform, the national tide is still a major head, such as Hunan Satellite TV "National Wind Sing" integrates pop music and national style music, Zhejiang Satellite TV " I love Chinese drama "Let the Class New Generation, the new force of the trophy of the trophy of the Tourism, as well as Beijing Satellite TV" Looking for Butterfly Love Flower "will be a Song Code," Qing Qingzi "to create a new trend of fashion national wind clothing … this, Which file can another program be able to scrate a "new national tide" whirlwind? Come to Pick, your heart! related suggestion.