Really changed the source of resources, three arrows, break the iron ore dilemma

  This year, the iron ore market staged a roller coaster market.

In May, imported iron ore prices have climbed the historical high of $ 233 per ton, which has fluctuated around $ 90 per ton, and the decline is more than 60%.

  Although the current iron ore prices have fallen sharply due to the short-term demand in the short term, the landscape of upstream concentrated monopoly has not changed, and the iron ore pricing mechanism has not changed.

The lack of iron ore resource security capacity is still a problem that affects industrial stability operation and development for a longer period of time.

Luo Ironjun, Vice President, China Iron and Steel Industry Association, recently said that only the construct of the source of iron ore resources can only solve my country’s steel industry chain resource short board issues, and the initiative of steel resources is in their hands.

  Expanding domestic iron ore development my country is the world’s largest steel production and consumer. Since 2015, iron ore has always been more than 80%.

  my country’s iron ore reserves rank forefront, but the amount of per capita resources is only 25% of the average world, and there is a problem of iron ore resources, low grading, small scale, and high production cost. Iron ore supply has a high degree of unevenness. From 2010 to 2020, domestic iron ore production decreased%; imported iron mines were increasing year by year, and 2020 Deli tons, creating a new high history. In the context of accelerating the construction of new developments, increase the development of iron ore resource development in China, which is the necessary move of maintaining industrial safety.

At the 2021 (10th) of the Metallurgical Industry Planning Research Institute, 2021 (10th) China Iron and Steel Raw Materials Market High-end Forum, Director of the Ministry of Natural Resources Mineral Resources Protection, Pei Jianhua, pointed out that during the 14th Five-Year Plan, 25 iron ore resource bases should be accelerated. Construction and 28 national planning and development, construct a supply pattern of large and medium-sized mines. Ensure that the existing iron ore supply capacity has steadily improved, actively promoting a batch of resources to be guaranteed, the location has advantages, the industrial-based iron ore construction project, guarantees reasonable mineralization, land demand, add a batch of high quality capacity, iron ore The annual supply is stable in about 300 million tons (62% grade).

  In the view of Jiang Sheng, the Secretary-General of China Metallurgical Mining Enterprise Association, the potential of domestic iron ore resource development and utilization is still large, but it needs to break through some restrictions.

From January to September this year, domestic iron ore-selected industrial investment increased by 25%, and private investment increased by 24%, but the investment intensity is still in history.

Policy constraints and licensing procedures are the main factors, resulting in a slow construction of new large mine projects, and the investment continuation project, the progress of the mine technology transformation project is not ideal.

  The relevant departments have released policy signals that continue to increase their support for domestic iron ore development.

Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission Industry Department First Class Instrument Summer Summer Team Waiting To the Baosteel Resources Co., Ltd. Maintain my country’s steel industry industry chain and supply chain security. Enhanced cost competitiveness is also a compulsory course for domestic iron ore companies.

Jiang Shengcai analyzed that compared to domestic and imported mines to factory costs, as long as the annexed mine is not less than $ 60 per ton, domestic mining can operate. In the face of the mine prices, domestic mining must be solid foundation, hard practice, and do everything possible to enhance the risk of anti-risk.

Through intelligent, green upgrade and resource integration, comprehensive management, the domestic mine uses lower cost, higher efficiency, better quality, and supports my country’s iron ore resource security. Jiang Sheng said.

  Strengthening scrap recycling and utilizing scrap steel is the only high-quality raw material that can gradually replace iron ore.

In my country, the steel process structure has been dominated by long processes, and the short-process electric furnace steel production of scrap steel is only% (2020), and there is still a large gap compared to about 30% of the world.

  The "2030 Pre-Carbon Peak Action Plan" issued by the State Council has clearly proposed that the level of recycling of scrap resources is promoted and the whole waste steel electric furnace process is promoted.

  Waste steel resources are important strategic resources, and the country has been treated with the safety of steel raw materials. Li Shibin, director of the Expert Committee of China Waste Steel Applications, said that my country’s steel industry should truly realize ultra-low emissions and green development, realize dual carbon objectives, multi-purpose scrap, less iron ore, and expand short processes to reduce long processes are important paths. one. Iron ore is native resource, scrap steel is renewable resources.

With scrap steelmaking and refining 1 ton of steel to reduce tons of carbon dioxide emissions, saving less than 350 kg of standard coal, saving less exhaust gas, wastewater, solid waste emissions, with a significant reduction in waste gas, wastewater, solid waste emissions Environmental benefits. Data show that in 2020, my country’s steel accumulation reached 11.4 billion tons, and the supply of scrap steel was about 100 million tons. The waste steel consumption of steel enterprises in the same period was worth 100 million tons, which increased year-on-year.

  In order to promote the effective use of foreign regenerative steel raw materials, the national standard of "regenerative steel raw materials" has been officially implemented in early 2021.

Customs data shows that from January to September this year, my country has imported tens of scrap steel, which is doubled from the same period last year. In the next five to 15 years, China’s waste steel resources output will gradually enter the expressway, and the scrap steel replacement iron ore share will show a growth trend.

Li Xinchuang, Party Secretary and General Engineer, Party Committee and General Engineer, pointed out that with the continued rapid growth of my country’s social steel accumulation, the output of scrap resources will be further increased, and the renewable steel raw material imports are released, and my country’s scrap resources in 2025 The total supply is expected to be billion tons.

my country’s electric furnace steel production accounts for the total output ratio of crude steel will increase to 15% to 20%.

  Accelerating Overseas Rights Mine Development Luo Iron Army proposed that the steel industry must strive to improve two 6 percentage points during the 14th Five-Year Plan.

Specifically, during the 14th Five-Year period, domestic iron concentrate production increased from 100 million tons to billions of tons, and the amount of resources will increase from 15% to 21%; to 145, the amount of scrap increased from 100 million tons to 3 Billion tons, crude steel contribution rates of scrap steel will increase from 20% to 26%. This can greatly reduce the dependence on the imported ore. It must be pointed out that because my country’s iron ore demand is huge, a large number of overseas iron ore is still a long-term strategy.

The research report of the Metallurgical Industry Planning Research Institute shows that the domestic control steel production is abnormal, the environmental protection is more tight, and the cost of carbon emissions is gradually incorporated into considerations and the replacement trend of scrap steel. It is expected that imports of imported mines during 145 will remain 1 billion tons. .

  From the status quo, my country’s imported iron ore accounts for more than 70% of the world’s trade volume, but it is seriously lacking pricing voice.

This is mainly because international iron ore trade has formed a monopoly of the seller.

At the same time, my country’s steel industry has insufficient control for iron ore, and the proportion of equity deposits is too low, and the import source is highly concentrated.

  Increase overseas resource development efforts must be routed.

Chen Ziqi, deputy secretary-general of the expert academic committee of China International Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd., said that in 2020, my country’s rights and ore mains accounted for only 8% (more than 60% in Japan), and the overseas iron ore resource control is obviously insufficient, and imported More than 80% from Australia, Brazil, and resource security risks high.

  According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the goal of promoting the guidance of the high-quality development of the steel industry (seeking the opinion) ", striving to build 1 to 2 overseas rights and iron mines with global influence and market competitiveness, overseas The equity iron ore accounts for more than 20% of the imported ore. However, it is not underestimated to develop overseas mineral resources. Chen Ziqi said that the world’s currently proven high-quality iron ore resources are almost divided by developed countries. Only have low degree of exploration, low resource conditions, large investment, long return cycle, and after infrastructure Risk of projects.

At the same time, international competition has become more intensified. my country’s universal international level is not high, not familiar with the situation of the country, and it is easy to cause soil and soil to fail.

  The difficulty determines the arduousness and long-term development of overseas resource development.

Chen Ziqi said that at the national level, he will continue to support all kinds of enterprises to overseas development resources.

At the company and the project level, we must be steady, do things according to objective regular rules, and avoid the excessive or shallow taste.