Xi Jinping’s speech at the first stage of the 16th Summit of the Leaders of the 20th Council

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, October 30, united operations, creating a future – at the first stage of the 16th Summit of the 20th National Summit, the President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping Dear Dragi Prime Minister, all colleagues: First I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the efforts of the Chairman Italy to hold this summit! Rome is a city with a long history and wrote a brilliant chapter in the history of human civilization.

At present, the new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to repeat, the world economic recovery is fragile, and the climate change challenges have been highlighted, and there are frequent problems in the region.

The Roman Summit is the theme of "people, earth and prosperity", expresses the unity of the international community to defeat the epidemic, revitalizing the world economy, highlighting the mission of 20 countries leading the global economic governance. In the face of the big change in the world, the 20th National Group is the main forum of the International Economic Cooperation, it should be responsible for the future, for the future, the people’s well-being, insist on opening an inclusive, cooperation, and practice true Multilateralism, promoting the construction of human fate communities.

I am willing to ask 5 suggestions.

  First, unity and cooperation, and play hands with anti-

In the face of neoguan pneumonia virus, no one is alone, unity and cooperation is the most powerful weapon. The international community should work together to deal with and defend the epidemic in scientific attitude, engage in viral lacking, and trace the spirit of politicalization with the spirit of deciding and cultivation. We must strengthen prevention and control, medical treatment methods, and improve the ability to respond to major burst public health events. The 20th Countries contain the world’s major economies, should be leaded in cooperation between cohesive consensus, mobilization resources and promotion.

  As early as the early epidemic, I proposed new crown vaccines should be a global public product. Here, I would like to further present a global vaccine cooperation action initiative: (1) Strengthen vaccine research cooperation, support vaccine enterprises jointly develop and produce in developing countries.

(2) Adhere to fairness and fairness, and increase the implementation of vaccination to developing countries, implement the 2022 global vaccination targets proposed by the World Health Organization.

(3) Supporting the World Trade Organization to make a decision on vaccine intellectual property exemptions, encourage vaccine companies to transfer technology to developing countries. (4) Strengthen cross-border trade cooperation, safeguard the smooth flow of vaccines and raw materials. (5) Treat various vaccines fairly, based on the promotion of vaccines with the promotion of vaccines.

(6) Providing financial support for global vaccine cooperation, especially developing countries.

  At present, China has provided more than 1.6 billion vaccines to more than 100 countries and international organizations, and more than 2 billion people will be provided throughout the year.

China is using 16 countries to carry out vaccine joint production, initially forming an annual production capacity of 70 million doses.

I advocated the International Corporation of New Crown Vaccine International Cooperation Forum in May this year, which has been successfully held in August, and countries have reached more than 1.5 billion antiques all year round. China also launched the "One Belt" vaccine partnership initiative to initiate "all the way", and called on the international community to jointly promote the global fair distribution of vaccines. China is willing to work with each party to improve the availability and aggressive of vaccines in developing countries, and make positive contributions to the construction of global vaccine defense.

  Second, strengthen coordination and promote recovery. The influence of the epidemic gives the world economy and is far-reaching, and should be symptomatic and talents.

We should strengthen the coordination of macroeconomic policies, maintain policies, stability, and sustainability. The main economies should take responsible macroeconomic policies to prevent their own initiatives lead to rising inflation, exchange rate fluctuations, high debt, to avoid the negative impact on developing countries, and maintain international economic financial systems. Operation. At the same time, we should focus on the long run, improve the global economic governance system and rules, and make up for the relevant governance deficit. To continue to promote the sixteenth round of the International Monetary Fund, build the International Financial Security Net on schedule. China supports the International Development Association to start the twentieth increasing capital negotiation in advance, and relevant voting rights reform programs should effectively reflect the changes in international economic patterns and improve the rights of developing countries.

China welcomes International Monetary Fund to increase $ 650 billion special withdrawal rights, and is willing to transfers a serious low-income country that is affected by the epidemic.

  We should maintain the multilateral trade system with the world trade organization as the core, build an open world economy.

The 20th National Group should continue to provide political guidelines for the reform of the world trade, adhere to their core value and basic principles to ensure the rights and development of developing countries.

It is necessary to recover the dispute resolution mechanism as soon as possible, and promote the active results of the 12th ministerial meeting of the WTO. To maintain the safety and stability of industry chain supply chain, smooth the world economy.

The China Initiative Holds Industry Chain Supply Chain Toughness and Stabilization International Forum, welcoming the active participation of members of the 20th Group Group and related international organizations. The construction of infrastructure plays an important role in driving economic growth.

China has made unremitting efforts through the initiatives such as "a belt all the way".

China is willing to share the principle of contending to build a sharing of sharing, adhering to open, green, integrity, and strive to achieve high standards, Huimin students, sustainable goals, and promote high quality to build "all the way" to achieve more fruitful results . Third, Pu Hui kettleration, common development.

The epidemic has brought multiple crises to the world, especially developing countries, and the total number of hunger has reached 800 million, and the Sustainable Development Agenda is facing unprecedented challenges in the 2030. We should adhere to the people-oriented, effectiveness, inclusiveness, and efforts, and strive to remove the team.

  The 20th National Group should develop in the high-ranking position of macro policy coordination, implement the 2030 Sustainable Development Action Plan to implement the industrialization initiative to support Africa and least developed countries to promote the cooperation of existing development cooperation mechanisms.

Developed economies must perform official development assistance commitments to provide more resources for developing countries. Not long ago, I launched a global development initiative in the United Nations to appeal to the international community to strengthen their cooperation in poverty reduction, food security, anti-vulcanization, development financing, climate change, and green development, industrialization, digital economy, and interconnection, to accelerate the implementation of 2030. The annual sustainable development agenda, achieving more powerful, green, and healthy global development.

This promotes global development purposes and key directions, and welcomes countries to participate actively. Fourth, innovation drive, excavate the driving force.

Innovation is a decisive factor in promoting economic and social development and responding to human common challenges.

The 20th National Group should work together to explore the potential of innovation growth, formulate rules on the basis of full participation, extensive consensus, and create a good ecology for innovative drive development. People are engaged in a small circle, and even consciously scribing, they will only manufacture, increase barriers, and have no efforts to innovate in technology. Digital economy is an important frontier of technology innovation.

The 20th Country Group should share the responsibility of the digital age, accelerate the new digital infrastructure construction, and promote digital technology to integrate with the physical economy, help developing countries to eliminate "digital gap". China has proposed "Global Data Security Initiative". We can discuss international rules that have developed the willingness to reflect all parties, respect the interests of all parties, and actively create an open, fair, just, non-discrimination digital development environment.

China highly attaches great importance to digital economic international cooperation, has decided to apply for the addition of the "Digital Economic Partnership Agreement", and willing to promote the health and orderly development of digital economy with all parties. Fifth, harmonious symbiosis, green continues. The 20th National Group should adhere to the principle of joint but different responsibility, and promote comprehensive implementation of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change, support the Second Sixteen Parties Conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and the Tenth Convention on Biological Diversity Five Parties will succeed. Developed countries should make a form rate on emission reduction issues, fully take care of the special difficulties and concerns of developing countries, and implement climate financing commitments, and provide support for developing countries in terms of technology, capacity building.

This is the key to success in the first sixteenth party conference.

  China has been actively committing international responsibility in accordance with national conditions, actively promoting economic green transformation, constantly improving the ability to respond to climate change, and has eliminated hundreds of milliwa coal power in the past 10 years, the first batch of about 100 million large wind power Base projects have been started in the near future.

China will strive to achieve carbon-up peaks 2030, 2060 years ago.

We will practice the promise, join hands with countries to walk green, low carbon, and sustainable development.

  Dear colleagues! The Chinese ancients said: "Honest, the knot of the world is also.

"That is to say, integrity is the fundamental of the world. China will adhere to the basic national policy of opening up, play the advantages and domestic demand potential, focus on promoting rules, regulations, management, standards, etc., continuously increase intellectual property protection, Continue to create a marketization, the rule of law, the international settlement environment, providing fair and fair market order for Chinese and foreign companies. I believe that China’s development will bring more new opportunities to countries to invest more new kinetic energy for the world economy.

  Rome was not built in a day. Building a human fate community requires unremitting efforts in the world. The road block is long, the line will arrive, the line is not passed, and the future is in the future.

Let us unite, disconnect the epidemic, and join hands to build a better future! thank you all.

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