Zhejiang Jiazhou men’s basketball team outside the fire power 96-13 overcome Beijing team

  On the evening of October 19, Zhejiang Jiazhou men’s basketball team ushered in the second round of the first phase of the CBA regular season, the opponent is the Beijing team.

With the overall compression of the outside, the Zhejiang Elishzhou men’s basketball team finally defeated the opponent by 96 to 73, and won two consecutive victories.

  In the first half of the competition, I can see very glue. I can see the two teams of the ball. The Beijing team is good at playing the position of the position. Zhejiang glazing men’s basketball team will be able to change the fast attack. It will not stop.

Compared with the slow moving speed of Beijing team, the young players headed by Wu’s cyclone is blowing in the stadium, and their speed is fast, shining, breaking through the fierce.

  As the winner of the last season, when the front game is on the previous game, there is no temperature in the offensive, and this field faces the powerful Beijing team. Shooting 7 in 4, of which 3 is 5 in 3, get 12 points 2 assists. In the third section, Zhejiang Elishzhou men’s basketball team played a wave of 13-13, and the winning chasing will pull the difference and finally won the victory. This game Zhejiang Jiazhou men’s basketball outside the fire, the whole audience has been invested in 11 three-pointers, and the "three-point rain", and the Beijing team did not receive the three-point line, but the granules did not receive, the audience 7 middle. After the game, Zhejiang Eweizhou men’s basketball coach Liu Weiwei said: "In the face of strong opponent Beijing team, the players need to maintain 48 minutes.

I usually praise them, but today I want to boast, they have maintained a very high fighting spirit today, I hope they continue this spirit. "The 18-year-old Medium Yu Jiahao is quite amazing in CBA, not only has height advantages, not only soft, gets 25 points and 12 rebounds of super two data, gains a praise. However, the opponent Beijing team has Li Muhao, Fan Zi Ming, Qiu Tian and other excellent internal lines, Yu Jiahao faces a more powerful defensive pressure, and he only got 4 points in the first half, but won 6 rebounds.

Until the second half of the team established a leading advantage, Yu Jiahao finally gradually released his hands and feet, and finally cut 11 points 12 rebounds. For the performance of Xiao Jiahao, Liu Weiwei has a higher expectation. Very good, so there is still a lot of things that he wants to learn. If you can’t play a ball, I hope he will improve more than the game, not just for the Zhejiang team, it is the future Chinese basketball, this is his future Walking the road. "(Editor: Sun Peng, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.