"Advocating for the benefit of the people of morality" (People’s Forum)

Germany for the conduct of the country, the political groups. Adhere to the people-centered, people heart to heart, is the ethics of our party a consistent philosophy of value, as well as party members and cadres must adhere to.

General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out investigation in Qinghai: "To advocate the benefit of the public morals of the people, the majority of party members and cadres should stand firm people, always with the people through thick and thin, a common destiny, the courage to act, as a positive, to ensure the benefit of the people as the most fundamental responsibilities. "earnest words, reflecting the deep feelings of the people, gives a profound revelation. The party’s roots in the people, the blood in people, strength in the people. Magnificent journey of a hundred years, is the history of our party and people affiliated with the people through thick and thin, history and endeavor of the people.

From Shikumen to Tiananmen Square, from Industrial Road to Fuxing Road, from small red boat into the towering ship, for the people of our party was born, because of the people and Xing, always with the people together, to struggle for the people’s interests. History has convincingly proved: "The Kingdom is the people, the people is bound to suffer." Advocating for the benefit of the people of morality, that keep the beginning of the heart, a necessary requirement Tam mission, but also the firm belief belief confidence in the proper meaning of the title.

Endeavor new journey in urgent need of the majority of party members and cadres harbor "big country were" effectively bowed practice. Stormy beginning of the heart, the mission in the shoulder. In different periods of revolution, construction and reform, the Communists continue to struggle from generation to generation, always put the people on the minds of the highest position.

Chen Joe years determined to "let our children and grandchildren to enjoy the happiness of previous blazing it," This is the countless martyrs stick to early heart aspiration; yellow Daihatsu bluntly, "We repair canals used for 36 years, is to the people," which is a batch of party members adhere to early heart action; Huang Wenxiu grasp the logic of "building the home, so that more folks live a good life," this is a new era of numerous outstanding cadres adhere to early heart oath.

Because the Communists did not forget the early heart, remember our mission, serving the people enduring benefit of the people of morality Passing legend.

Kam come to know, in the beginning of the heart, Base of the Party in the foundation, people stand in, in the well-being of the people’s livelihood.

Tenacious struggle, for the benefit of the people to witness the performance.

"Long journey, only to struggle.

"For the people’s well-being is a concrete, practical, not when sitting pontificating talk-off must be made of the striver gets up.

Riveting enough hard work hard work of a competitor, temper excellent high-strength ability, indomitable will and unyielding firm, we General business will have more power, more able to tackle tough spirit.

Our country remained the world’s second largest economy, leading to weave the world’s largest social safety net, the world’s high-speed rail operation mileage, 5G acceleration of urban and rural …… an extraordinary achievement items are under the strong leadership of the Party, by millions of people through thick and thin, unity, those firms come out with great strength cattle indomitable. Only hard struggle, in order to enhance the well-being of the people’s livelihood, continue to realize the people yearning for a better life. Selfless dedication for the benefit of the people manifest realm. Avenue as a whetstone, Border for Traveler.

Loyal to the people and selfless dedication, the Communists Geng continued tradition of excellent quality. Jiao spared no efforts in dying, "filled the hearts of all the people, just not his own," the broad sentiment infected people; Yangshan Zhou is life, not just struggle, "holding a heart, without a half of grass to" the faith pursuit of admirable; Baoguo rain or shine, running Taihang, "I pack your happiness," the simple words gathering strength.

Heart for the people of the heart, people pour power of love, selfless, quiet dedication benefit out of the "ego" achievement "I", arrived at the lofty spiritual realm. General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed: "the Communist Party of China from the people, rooted in the people, for the beginning of the heart and mission of the Chinese People’s well-being, to seek the revival of the Chinese nation, the fundamental purpose is to serve the people wholeheartedly.

"Advocating for the benefit of public morals of the people, for the well-being of millions of people determined to fight, our roads will become broader and broader, we will cause more and more brilliant.