Beijing Winter Olympics Committee: The planning and construction of the venue is progressing smoothly, and will formulate the "one-in-one policy" epidemic prevention program.

On July 30, the Beijing Winter Olympics committee held a venue construction press conference.Liu Yumein, Minister of the Planning and Construction Department of Beijing Winter Olympics, introduced the overall situation of the Winter Olympics, the key points of the next steps, and the deputy director of the Beijing Major Project Construction Command Office introduced the current venue for Beijing and Yanqing.Progress, Zhangjiakou Municipal Government Party Group, Liu Haifeng, deputy director of the Municipal Winter Olympic Office, introduced the project of Zhangjiakou Sai District, and Yang Jinkui, Minister Yang Jinkui, Department of Paralympics, Beijing Winter Olympics, introduced the construction of unobstructed facilities and Winter Olympics to promote urban accessibility construction.Result.

According to Liu Yin, the Minister of the Beijing Winter Olympic Organizing Committee, the construction of the Winter Olympics in Beijing, the construction of the Winter Olympics in Beijing was launched in 2016, and it has been more than 5 years since now, in Beijing Winter Olympics Committee, Beijing, Hebei Province. Under the full promotion of the Government of the two places, the planning and construction of the venue is progressing smoothly. Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics have used 39 venues, including 12 race venues, 3 training venues, 24 non-competition venues. The permanent facilities of the competition venue have been completed, and most of the non-competition venues have been completed, and the part is about to be completed.

Liu Yumein introduced the eight characteristics of the construction of Beijing Winter Olympic Games: Maximum use of the 2008 Olympic heritage, ice venues adopted environmental protection advanced refrigeration technology, snow venues inherit the natural mountain forest concept, all architecture reached a green building standard, all venues use green Energy, venue construction drives the industrial ruins to rejuvenation, and the construction of the program is always in the construction of the venue. He said that the next step is the focus of the construction of the country, the first part of the national stadium, the second phase of the National Convention Center; the second is to combine the epidemic prevention and control policies, fine-tuning and perfecting the venue facilities; three is to complete all temporary facilities before the end of the year deliver. Overall, all venues of the 2022 Winter Olympics will be delivered on time this year, providing practical and powerful guarantees for the Winter Olympics. In addition, the Beijing Winter Olympics committee is paying close attention to the response to the epidemic in Tokyo.

Liu Yimin said: Next, we will learn from Tokyo experience, combined with Beijing’s prevention and control policies, the first-style formulation of an epidemic prevention program will increase some temporary facilities, such as isolation channels, temporary toilets, isolation walls, temporary isolation points, etc. .

These supplementary epidemic prevention measures are not much engineering, and the construction difficulty is not large, and it will not affect the payment of temporary facilities. According to Dequang, deputy director of Beijing Major Project Construction Headquarters Yanqing Division Winter Olympics project, 8 competition parcels, has been fully completed at the end of 2020, and all completed ice and snow, through the full range of test tests in the event. 9 non-racing venues are currently completed. The remaining national stadium Bird’s Nest, with the successful completion of the 100th anniversary of the party, the successful completion of the security task, currently entered the construction and transformation stage of the opening and closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Winter Disabled Olympics, plans to be completed in October this year. In addition, the Winter Olympics projects under construction also include 31 supporting infrastructure, which has been fully completed in June this year.

The 31 sets of supporting infrastructure include 11 transportation projects such as Beijing high-speed rail and Jingli Expressway, Zhangbei 500 kV flexible DC grid, Haiko substation and other 12 electric power projects and 8 municipal supporting facilities such as Yanqing Division integrated gallery. He said: Held a wonderful, excellent, extraordinary Beijing Winter Olympics, leaving a high-quality asset worthy of inheritance, benefiting the people, is a two-go standard that we have always pursued in the past five years.

Through construction, Beijing Winter Olympics will be in the high-quality development of the city, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integration, to meet the public to play a positive role in the good life. According to Liu Haifeng, deputy director of Zhangjiakou City, the deputy director of the Office of the Winter Olympics, Zhangjiakou Division, a total of 9 venue, including 4 competition venues, the Genting Ski Park, the country, the country, the national off-road ski center and the national winter two centers The five non-competition venues, which are Zhangjiakou Winterao Village, Mountain Journalism Center, Mountain Broadcast Center, Award Square, Uniforms and Registration Center. The four competition venues have completed construction at the end of 2020, and the test was accepted in Beijing in February 2021.

Among the five non-competition venues, Zhangjiakou Dong’ao Village completed all construction tasks in June 2021, and is currently optimizing the facilities and equipment in accordance with the requirements of Beijing Winter Olympics, ensuring delivery as soon as possible; mountain news center, mountain broadcast center, award Square, uniform and registration center 4 field pavilion is built for existing permanent facilities, and is being promoted in an orderly manner in order of time nodes.

He said: The construction of the venue is an important guarantee for the event. We always adhere to the four office Olympics. Hold a safe and reliable hardware support.

Yang Jinkui, Minister Yang Jinkui, Department of Paralympics, ICO, introduced an important results in the field of accessibility of venues: First, the establishment of a perfect non-barrier working mechanism, compiled "Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disabled Olympics Obstacle Guide and Accessible Guide Technical Indicators Availability for Nobiliative Design, Construction, and Acceptance.

Formulated a series of documents such as unobstructed work programs, venues design and barrier-free inspection work program; second, the venue has no barrier-free facility construction has achieved phased outcomes, 12 race venues and 3 Winter Olympics (Winter Iow Village) The construction of barrier-free facilities has been completed synchronously with the main project of the venue; the third is to continue to improve the two homogeneous cities in Beijing and Zhangjiakou. He said that next step will continue to do a good job in the permanent facilities of the venue, do a good job in the temporary facilities, the connection between the temporary facilities, the construction, construction, and temporary facilities and permanent facilities, strengthen the venue operation team barrier-free business training, and put the winter Olympics Combining in disorderly construction and city sustainable development, and hosted the city’s unobstructed environment that reflects the level of social civilization, in the host city, leaving a rich winter accessible heritage.