Exquisite here, more than this! Wuxi Henglong Square ushered in the eighth anniversary celebration

At the beginning of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Wuxi Henglong Square welcomed the eight-year-old birthday in a strong holiday atmosphere. Looking back in the eight-day light, Henglong deepened the service concept of the customer, based on consumer demand and feelings, constantly changing innovation, bringing rich and multi-quality shopping experience for Wuxi people, and also carries the moving memory of countless people. happy time.

From September 19th to September 21st, Wuxi Henglong Square Takecenterstage-exquisitely opened the eighth anniversary of this eighth anniversary activities, light from the center of the city, so that the city will feel the joy of Wuxi Henglong Square. Mr. Pan Mingfeng, Deputy General Manager of Wuxi Henglong Plaza, said that ‘Takecenterstage’ is like Wuxi Henglong Square is the stage and center of the city.

In the construction of Henglong Square, he chooses to reserve the renovation of the old town temple and the stage. Here since ancient times, the stage of the people’s casual and entertainment; the high-end positioning of the world is the consistent pursuit of Henglong. Since the opening, Wuxi Henglong Plaza has attached to the quality and continuously developing new. Commercial space, continuing to introduce international famous brands, which is also a stage of brand aggregation.

Eight years of transformation, Wuxi Henglong Square is more than just a platform to carry shopping features, but also a temperature-friendly ‘social stage’, we gather people who love exquisite life, get pleasure in this temperature-moving social stage, feel concerned and pets . As a wind direction of the exquisite life within hundreds of kilometers, Wuxi Henglong Square is upholds only the idea of ??doing only a good idea, and presented the eighth anniversary theme activities. The event included the treasure delicious feast, interactive trend device, global high-end fashion, etc. In the past eight years, Wuxi Henglong Square and guests have achieved extraordinary results for a year, and witnessed the brilliant changes in Wuxi City Life.

In the future, the full rejuvenation of Henglong Square 66 brand will continue to be high quality positioning, continue to use a fashion life, to create a distinguished experience for all consumer groups, and create a horing infinite possibilities for guests. To enjoy the exclusive gift, send a gift from September 19th – September 21st, Wuxi Henglong Square joined in the field brand, carefully prepared a rich interactive experience and selection and courtesy, showing a non-amparable shopping feast for guests.

During the event, any effective consumption can be registered to become a member of the Hang Longhui, and enjoy triple points. Not only that, during the event, the payment of the specified consumption is accumulated on the day, and there is a chance to receive a rich gift. The total consumption of 20,000 yuan on the same day, you can get a peninsula hotel milk yellow mooncake gift box and 200 yuan catering cash coupons; the time accumulated for 80,000 yuan, you can get a peninsula hotel milk yellow moon cake gift box, 1,000 ole ‘cards and 1,000 yuan Sephora card At the same day, I can get 200,000 yuan, I can receive a peninsula hotel milk yellow mooncake gift box, 3,000 ole ‘cards and 3,000 yuan Sephora card.

Endless courtesy does not stop this, within this time, consumers consumed at 10:00-22: 00 on the same day, consumers, the highest-end consumers, can get TODS leather shopping handbags, BVLGARI women’s bag, LoewenanonanoPuzzle, etc. Announcement . All of the above gifts are limited daily, while stocks will last.

The game is playing a card with a sweet journey from September 19th to September 21st, and the customer can pay attention to and bind the anniversary, with different exchange coupons to the live experience activities and exchange exquisite snacks.

Eight high-level and fantastic art devices, such as rapid reactors, surprise toothing machines, physical interactions, fun castings, etc., customers can also participate in the game, enjoy pleasure with friends and relatives More opportunities to win Switch game consoles, Maisonmargiela fragrance, Dior fragrance, Guerlain lipstick, Bai Meixian shadow card and other gifts, keep your heart.

Various coupons in a variety of channel welfare upgrades Wuxi Henglong Square, food and trend, have always made consumers to read. During the anniversary, Wuxi Henglong handed with Alipay, China Merchants Bank, the public comment, and its own small procedure 66 constant purchase, and won the massive food coupon, retailers. 66 constant purchase 50 group 100 yuan restaurant, 350 yuan group 500 yuan retail coupon limited to grab.

Alipay consumption courtesy, 100 yuan to lose voucessing over 888 yuan can be used, 18 yuan to vouchers without thresholds.

China Merchants Bank helps carnival, palm life APP69 yuan group 100 yuan restaurant coupons, 80 yuan group 100 yuan retail coupon hot snapped up.

As the culture of this era, the fashion attitude represented by Wuxi Henglong Square is also more than a multi-diversity.

As a stage that connects the urban temperament and fashion attitude, Wuxi Henglong will always synchronize the international trend, continuously through a series of means such as brand optimization, renovation and upgrading, scene construction, and service improvement, and work hard to create an enjoys living space for customers, constantly entering the urban cultural input. New elements, will be more refined, beautiful things to people in this city.

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