Eight-step area: Innovation Rural Party Members Point Management Increases Management Scientific Level

People’s Net Hezhou, April 15 Standards, party members’ evaluation form, resulting set rewards and other four links, so that rural party members have achieved remarkable results.

Division level, implement party classification management. According to rural party members, physical condition, work location, participation in organizational life, the party members are divided into Party members who are in normal participation in the party, long-term foreign workers and party members and due to physical reasons. Participate in party organization life Class B party members, special party members who need someone care for Class C party Class C party Class C. In response to specific situations, establish different management methods, driving the integral management refinement, and enhance the organizational force of the grassroots party organization.

Tailor-made, improve the standard content. According to party members, combined with the actual management requirements of villages, establish basic points, forward points, reverse deduction of three scoring criteria, and participate in environmental cleaning, respecting the old, civilized integrity, etc. Tightly combined to ensure that the assessment content is practical, in line with rural party membership, promote scientific scientificization of points management, and improve the enthusiasm of rural party members to participate in village-level affairs.

Build a platform, try the interactive score. Used around the "Internet + Party Construction" results, innovate points to level rewards.

Take the method of changing the stars, according to the quarterly points, the party members are assessing the "five-star" "four-star" "three-star" party members, giving corresponding rewards, giving corresponding rewards Educational guidance, promote the management of party members’ points management, and effectively improve the overall quality of party members. Through innovative rural party members, the rural party members of the eight-section area has been further improved, and the party members ‘evaluation evaluation service system is further improved, effectively stimulating party members’ entrepreneurship, and promoting the implementation of party management party, and strictly govern the party Extended to the base layer.

(Lu Shao Tao, Liang Ying) (Editor: Liu Jia, Pang Guanhua).