Foreign media: Pakistan sends a meeting of Afghanistan

On November 12th, it reported that by November 11th, the Pakistan’s foreign ministers warned on Thursday that Afghanistan was in the verge of economic crash. The international community must immediately resume funds and humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan.

According to the report, Karech said that this is said in the three-driving carriage + conference, and the meeting also includes the new Afghan issue special envoy Thomas West. Curley said at the beginning of the meeting: Today, Afghanistan is at the edge of the economic crash. He also said that the further decline will seriously limit the capacity of the Taliban new government management country. He said: Therefore, the international community must immediately support providing humanitarian assistance.

He said that this includes the funds that will be frozen by Western institutions after the Taliban is in August. Karech said that recovery funds will resume economic activities with us, promote the efforts of Afghan economy to develop in stability and sustainable direction. He later made a comment on the national media, which is also beneficial to Western countries. He said: If you think you are far away, Europe is safe, and those areas will not be influenced by terrorism, don’t forget history. We learned from history and we don’t want to repeat the same mistakes. According to Reuters, Mumbai reported on November 10, diplomats and safety analysts from Afghan countries gathered in New Delhi on the 10th, discuss how to contact the country’s Taliban rulers.