Deepen a tax reform, focus on "cake"

  The new round of personal income tax reform has been implemented since October 2018. Since the three anniversary, the reform dividends are fully played, and the people have been increasing.

At present, the concern of social tax reform is not reduced, how to continue to deepen tax reform, further play a feature of tax regulation income distribution, promote social equity, and better play its role in national governance, still tax reform Important task.

  Tax is the most closely related tax, involving thousands of households.

The new tax reform begins in 3 years ago, establishing a tax system combined with comprehensive and classification, introducing six special additional deductions such as children education, major illnes, and supporting the elderly, and also significantly improve the "levies" ( Basic deducting cost standards).

Establish a more scientific and reasonable tax system through a series of reform initiatives, which has important milestones.

  The implementation of reform implementation is very significant, and the taxlers of the majority of taxpayers, especially the following income groups are generally reduced.

From the perspective of 2019, billion taxpayers directly benefit, and the per capita tax is about 1842 yuan, and then the bonus continues to play. If you look at a more macroscopic perspective, through reforms make tax negative levels more reasonably, the national income distribution pattern is optimized, which is an important role in score "cake". It is worth mentioning that through the annual annual convergence, the major taxpayers have a more in-depth understanding of taxes, enhance the concept of taxation according to law. Promote common prosperity in high quality development, how to give full play to its own functional effects into an important topic.

The central deployment must increase tax, social security, transfer payment and other regulation and improve accuracy, expand the proportion of medium income groups, increase low income group revenue, and reasonably regulate high income groups.

In this, taxes, especially personal income tax, shouldering important mission.

  To this end, further deepening reforms of taxes need to be put on the agenda as soon as possible. In 2018, a new round of tax reforms made an important step by the combination of complete classification, and the combination of integrated classification, the way of comprehensive tax payment, payment, and franchise usage fees. Next, it is necessary to study how to expand the scope of integrated tax, more income, especially capital income, and better promote tax fairness.

  The economic and social development, the implementation of national major policies requires a positive response to the tax system.

For example, special additional deduction policies should be continuously improved, especially as a three-child birth policy supporting measures, to study the promotion of infant care service costs under the age of 3 into personal income tax special additional deductions, reducing family planning, raising, and educational burden. Special additional deduction standards, it is also necessary to dynamically adjust according to factors such as inflation.

  Thanks to the modernization of tax collection and tax service, the tax service is optimized, and the tax management efficiency is greatly improved. The majority of taxpayers will be able to complete the tax.

At the same time, concealing high-income is not as high as a tax-related violation, such as tax-related violations, are highly concerned about society, and some stars have repeatedly "hot search".

To this end, it is necessary to strengthen the high-risk industry and personal tax supervision. Through accurate supervision, strictly crack down on tax-related crimes, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of national tax safety, and maintain the legitimate rights and interests of law-abiding taxpayers, and promote social fairness. As an important tax system in my country’s tax system, individual income tax is significant for national governance.

It is necessary to continue to deepen reform, promote a tax system more perfect, scientifically, and optimize the national income distribution pattern, so that the results of reform and development are more better and all people.