Hebei Province Credit Demonstration Zone to achieve "zero" breakthrough

Original title: Our province’s credit demonstration area realized "zero" breakthrough Xingtai City successfully created the national social credit system construction demonstration area Hebei Province Credit Demonstration Zone to achieve "zero" breakthrough on October 25, the National Development and Reform Commission, the People’s Bank Office Joint issuance notice, announce the list of the third batch of national social credit system construction demonstration zone, Xingtai City successfully selected, became the first in Hebei Province, and realized the breakthrough of "zero" in Hebei credit demonstration zone. In recent years, the Provincial Administration Services Office has been the leading department of the construction of the social credit system in Hebei Province. It attreshes great importance to the creation of social credit system construction demonstration cities, which uses it as an important start of the business environment, enhancing urban competitiveness, and promoting the society of Hebei Province. The construction of the credit system has achieved positive results.

In 2021, in the country’s first "Action Plan on Further Improved the Credit Status", the urban credit monitoring status was promoted, and the province’s credit level was effectively improved.

At present, the urban credit monitoring rankings in the province have increased significantly, and the downstream of each sequence is upgraded to the middle upstream. Shijiazhuang rose from the 21st place to the 21st city in deputy provincial cities in 36 provincial capitals in the country, and the 7 levels entered 50% of the country and 18 county-level cities entered the country. 50%. "Since 2019, the Xingtai City Credit Office continued to promote the construction of urban social credit system, further playing credit in innovative supervision mechanism, improving the basic role of supervision capacity and level, fully stimulating market subjectivity, promoting the city’s economic and social high-quality development .

Yan Peihua, director of the Office of Xingtai City Social Credit System Construction Leading Group, at the end of 2019, Xingtai City ranked 167th in the country’s 261 prefecture-level cities; at the end of 2020, it jumped to 20th; as of the end of August this year, Ranked 17th in the country.

Xingtai City took the lead in the province to start the prefecture-level city credit legislation. At present, "Xingtai City Social Credit Promotion Ordinance" (draft) has passed the second trial of the Municipal People’s Congress, and all legislative work will be completed in the near future, and more than 3,000 related systems have been developed in the city.

Continue to increase tax, finance, water supply, power supply, gas supply, communication operation, warehousing, logistics, contract performance information, and personal credit information collection, expand credit information coverage, and collect all kinds of data billions.

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