No. 18 is really poor,Although it is determined to have a relationship with night,But they haven’t got married yet.,In this way, it is wasting the youth of five years.”

“But compared to the 18th,I am not going to,When Wukong just left,I am pregnant.。 This child is from home until five years old.,I actually saw his father for the first time.,Such a father is simply a sense of responsibility!” It seems to say that it is the pain,Kiki hugged awareness,I started to cry again.,I am […]

“Forest president,this,Can you still?,You also know that it is important,This is impossible to launch with your mobile phone.,In case it is leaked.,Isn’t it a heavy loss??”Master explanation。

“What else is there?。”Lin Feng heard the words,His handy magic knife knife broke out,The horrible knife is directly swept to the figure of the master。 “Do not!” I have made a desperate sound in the throat of the master.。 Face this terrible knife,He felt the breath of death,This knife,There is no one in the world.,He […]

“These,Is it now your attitude??”

“Just now,Don’t you feel very funny??” When Shen Xuan’s words say,obviously,For such things。 In fact, Shen Xuan itself,It is not to feel,What will it bring?。 I saw a while,Shen Xuan is very calm。 “Although I said,Nothing。” “But now,In fact, I think,You still see clearly,Again and I said so much better。” Shen Xuan’s words,It is a […]

Red-haired man,Obese man,There are already one thirteen magic rivers and the strong people such as green hair and the sources of the voice.。

The source of the sound comes from a man,This person is Lin Feng,Lin Feng smiled at this thirteenth resident。 “Humanity,reptile!”Fat man staring at Lin Feng Shen Sheng:“roll!” “Humble reptile!”Green hair man face in yin:“Speed down hoe!” “Humanity,You are self-defeating,Now kneel now,When our slaves,We can give you a chance to live。”Red-haired man face。 “Ha ha。”Lin Feng […]

“All right,Go to the White Xiongmelin now,We have evidence in our hands.,This time I have a good account.。”Sichuan Luo Sakuo Mini is slightly cold,Delicate:“Give me!”

“Yes!” The two fires have been in the red figure.,Direct Pun Tian and Jirod,The two faces are ugly,It is also difficult to resist。 “Let it go,Go to White Xiongmelin。”Sichuan Luo Sakura looked at the distant Western Road:“This time you have to make up all the losses.。” “Yes!” These fire red figures have followed Sichuan Luo […]

Li Li Mingliang now suddenly some understand why the wind has been with people who are game,Never had real strength of the RCC。

Lee has been the wind because the hearts of the more traditional kind,Everything is fair and fair。 Originally, he wanted Lee also reported wind things up,But now he feels necessary to conceal it.。 But for his family,He did not want to hide。 Lee can have such a strong wind strength friend,Whether for yourself or family,That […]


First0374chapter Magical silver needle Sun Yuejuan’s voice,Surprised everyone in the house,Even Old Xiao sitting in a chair,I can’t help but crane my neck,Everyone is so surprised,This Xia Jian is getting more and more amazing,It’s so magical that everyone can’t understand him。 Xia Jian saw Sun Yuejuan’s movement,She started to move the silver needle on Sun […]

White Jiang I don’t know when I come to the door,Say lazy:“It should be right,This fragrance tastes I remember,Sexy red lips also make me impressed,I have saved this guy.,Fighting and dying, hunting, hard work,You don’t have to add the tail.?”

“Um?I really hit my mind to you.?That money is not white,Give。” Strange woman,Let Chen Linzhi as well as Yin、Song Yuexian, etc.,Like it is in the fog,Unclear。 As for the white river,I am too lazy to manage these idle things.,Do your own lives,Less the less, you are good for everyone.。 Just if you don’t hear it […]

Looking at the stone wall of this mountainous area,His hand pinch,A sword light is coming out,It’s like breaking through the clouds.。

A large word is facing on the boulder。 Ocean sprinkle 30,000 words,Aesthetic,The 30,000 words correspond to the drawback of Tang Meilu,With this。 NS1144chapter Pointer Tang Mengluo looks at the ancient characters on the stone wall.,Her figure came to the stone wall,Like it is the same as a goddess,Clothes,Beautiful scorpion looks at the god。 “I can […]


Sang Sang is here,The voice just now was……,The cold sweat instantly wetted the back。</P> </P> Strong sense of survival,Let Su Luo’s mind come to light,Change course immediately:“Of course I can’t choose one,I already have a girlfriend,in my heart,She is the most perfect。”</P> </P> Fat Di couldn’t help showing a sweet smile,Tao:“Dear,In my heart you are […]