“Yep,That’s Chikako’s work when he was still in college,At the same time, it is also her outstanding masterpiece in the literary world.!”Suzuki Ayako smiled and praised。

“Then,Let’s have a few words from well-known screenwriters and audiences~”Hiroki Kakuya, holding the camera, smiled and pointed the camera at Ikeda。 “Stop it,Stop making trouble…”Ikeda Tomoko is embarrassed.。 Talking and laughing,Everyone began to miss college time,For example, Hiroki Kakutani is obsessed with camera and hasn’t put it down yet,Takahashi’s weight has increased, so many lenses […]

I don’t know how scared she is,She stared at me, who was sitting cross-legged,Is there a snake below?

Look down quickly,As a result, I almost fainted at this sight! Why am I floating more than two feet above the ground!No wonder the body is so light!No wonder my head feels dizzy!It turned out that I was floating!! I don’t know if I should be happy or scared!No language can express my complicated mood […]

‘Now that the sky is not seen clamoring about gender equality,How come this time,I have to mention that I have to let female teammates?’

Set a small goal first,such as1Seconds to remember:Book guest house ———— Three hundred and sixty chapters Where is more dangerous When they are discussing,The audience from the outer planet was also excited。 ‘what,Is the earth divided into men and women??This is really amazing,We all split and replicate ourselves,You can also adjust the appearance and characteristics […]

Because Kogoro Mouri is angry,After all, because of Shinichi,Almost implicated Xiaolan in danger。

Although the murderer was caught early,But remembering that the prisoner wanted to avenge Kudo Shinichi,Implicated his daughter as bait,So he couldn’t help being afraid,But also very angry。 But it is impossible for this anger to vent to the captured Moriya Teji,So Kogoro Mori said that he was worried about safety,Refusal to let my pakchoi be […]

My memory ends here abruptly!

Thinking back to this terrible picture,I still have lingering fears,Ouyang watched me stay silent,So I asked:”Brother Zhao,What is your opinion?“ I woke up,Took a look at Ouyang:”I think your view is far-fetched,I don’t think the island observer has any connection with the shipwreck,But you said someone deliberately caused the passenger ship to sink,I think this […]

Took out milk and bread and started breakfast,Then go to the Metropolitan Police Department to work as usual。

But today Tang Ze ran into an unexpected character at the door,Do not,Should be a,People who shouldn’t appear but conform to common sense。 Maori Kogoro,Tang Ze met him at the door。 “Morning,Maori detective,Do you know what happened to the Metropolitan Police Department so early today??”Tang Ze greeted and asked with a smile。 But Tang Ze […]

“When did that happen?”Miwako Sato asked。

“It just happened that the show I liked ended,It’s almost evening6When you click around。”Saburo Kawara scratched his head and said。 Hear words,The eyes of Tang Ze and Miwako Sato sharpened instantly。 The whereabouts of the deceased is consistent with the estimated time of death,This is a very important piece of information。 Because if this is […]

of course,Although it’s not very polite,But I can’t hide what I care about。

“╭(╯^╰)╮Humph!Who he saw the ski tutorial at midnight,Never listen。”Huiyuan on the side snorted softly,“Are all this old,Don’t stay up late if you have poor physique。” “I got it!Know it!” Dr. A Li couldn’t help but smiled bitterly when facing the two:“I just want to give you a demonstration when skiing today,Be an example as an […]

Watching new life come,This beautiful scene,Tang Ze and others couldn’t help but smile。

Done this,Everyone didn’t stay any longer,Hattori and He Ye drove back to Osaka overnight to report safety to their parents,And Xiaolan and others also took Conan home。 Ayako also bid farewell to Tang Ze,Take the garden home and sleep at ease。 As for Tang Ze,After washing in the room,But the most spiritual one! no way,It’s […]

Mai Fan admires American personal heroism and fearlessness。

If in their own country,To die in this way with this frequency。 Police officer at the place where the case occurred,I’m afraid that I have to push down more than half from top to bottom。 The Chinese people’s sorrow is really not for nothing。 Find the original source,You can sort out the cases behind。 The […]