That is to determine what the person’s dominant hand is。

Generally less careful prisoners,Will make major mistakes in this place。 And Tang Ze based on this,Start by comparing the dominant hand of the deceased in the photo。 Check it out this time,Sure enough! In the photos on Monday and Tuesday,The dominant hand of the deceased is very common right hand,Available on Wednesday,The deceased’s dominant hand […]

Elite personnel were sent down to set up special.Case team,In charge of investigating this case,And Lu Xiong became a key figure,So he was under protective residential surveillance,The above also repeatedly asked him various questions,Among them, I asked about the details of Penglai Island seven times.。

Because of being isolated and protected,So Lu Xiong could not get in touch with Wang Jun,Of course he is not in a hurry to learn some secrets on Xiandao,He didn’t even believe that,What’s worse is that his map was taken by the task force,Said to be retained as evidence。 My heart beats wildly when I […]

What the hell is this bastard doing?Is he acting in a costume play??I almost got my jaw dropped by this scene。

I was surprised,Suddenly saw Wang Jun turning into a red shadow,I rub!Is this bastard hung up the accelerator?? In a daze,A sudden surge of air,That guy actually appeared on the grass three meters away in front of me,Those savages who couldn’t dodge were shaken out by the air wave,Looks like they look very jealous,Retreating with […]

“But if you are here, the reason is because the planet you live in is too rich,Or biological composition is of great use to them……”

“Then,This type of creature and planet,Going to be unlucky。” Mai Fan has a bad feeling。 “primitive,You are not stupid,Not naive at least,It seems that your planet is also in a state of coexistence of multiple nations or races?” “Correct,Just what you think。” “Race groups or planets eliminated during the show,Can’t be protected by rules。” “Because […]

After being hanged by others and coming from behind is not what Tang Ze wants to see,Constant pressure is what Tang Ze wants。

I want you to know,Your uncle will always be your uncle! Of course,The reaction of the red and black parties after this incident,Long before the plan started, he was already based on his previous life information and his personal understanding of this life,Predicted the reaction of both parties,I’m not too worried at the moment。 Even […]

Degree of completion:good

【Congratulations to the host for acquiring investigative science(1year)skill】 Evaluation:There is an ending that will never change without you,It’s great to have such a reward for a call。 The reward is not bad,It’s really like the note says,Can get a year’s reward instead of fate points,It’s actually pretty good,Tang Ze thinks it’s because of more people […]

The yacht has reached its maximum speed,The yacht in the night opens the dark sea,Keep driving towards the front,The island is not far from us,The island in the night looks a lot like a majestic behemoth,It’s entrenched and peeping at us,As if filled with ferocious murderous intent。

———— Chapter One Hundred Seven change idea It is estimated that Su Mei blew up all the speedboats,So those guys didn’t catch up,So we have an unimpeded journey。 The yacht moves along the island,Open the sea,Like a giant fish。 have to say,Ouyang’s skills in sailing are still very good,Feels smooth and fast。 It is estimated […]

After some wrangling,Kamata Kohei lost everything,Got the punishment。

Hongshang dance clothes,Although I refused the hospital’s retention and left my job,But Tang Ze still let the boss of the detective company use contacts,Introduced him to work in a private hospital with a good relationship。 After all, I created a detective company,Much better than the private detective agency of three or two big cats and […]

“Of course,Have always been a fan,We all think Mr. Ace is tall and handsome,This is the first time I know about being low,If you let the fans know,I’m afraid everyone will be disappointed。”

Speaking of which,Ai Sisha was a little lost:“After I knew the news,The first reaction is not to believe,So after I went home after dinner,Finally couldn’t help but ran back,I want to take a peek at Mr. Ace outside,But who knew that something like that happened…” And after Tang Ze on the side listened to the […]

Although he has no script,But the same,This has also become a feast of free display。

He can act according to his wishes。 In the next time,No one will question what decision he makes。 Because the rules are uncertain,No one can control him。 not to mention,Since he was brought by the villain to fulfill his wish,Then the former villain must have encountered a huge failure in the process of this display,That […]