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Red-haired man,Obese man,There are already one thirteen magic rivers and the strong people such as green hair and the sources of the voice.。

The source of the sound comes from a man,This person is Lin Feng,Lin Feng smiled at this thirteenth resident。 “Humanity,reptile!”Fat man staring at Lin Feng Shen Sheng:“roll!” “Humble reptile!”Green hair man face in yin:“Speed down hoe!” “Humanity,You are self-defeating,Now kneel now,When our slaves,We can give you a chance to live。”Red-haired man face。 “Ha ha。”Lin Feng […]

Ouyang was taken aback by my thoughts:“Brother, don’t be so stupid!What time is it now,You still believe in a woman?”

I must stick to this idea,I must see Chu Hong,I want to see if she will perform in front of me。 But now the trouble is,Guo Jinhai has found out that she has found me,He must strictly monitor Chu Hong,It is estimated that Chu Hong is not meeting with me because he is afraid of […]

“An old cadre died,Land today,They are here to mourn”I looked at him differently。

“How did you know,Didn’t you come with me?” Looked at him and said awkwardly“Oh,Hehe my ears are good,Heard。” “That’s great too,Alas, people die like a lamp,Is there nothing left after death??” “Will not,Xiaofan always thinks that the soul of people after death。They go to the soul world。” ———— Chapter two What is lost will be […]

Elite personnel were sent down to set up special.Case team,In charge of investigating this case,And Lu Xiong became a key figure,So he was under protective residential surveillance,The above also repeatedly asked him various questions,Among them, I asked about the details of Penglai Island seven times.。

Because of being isolated and protected,So Lu Xiong could not get in touch with Wang Jun,Of course he is not in a hurry to learn some secrets on Xiandao,He didn’t even believe that,What’s worse is that his map was taken by the task force,Said to be retained as evidence。 My heart beats wildly when I […]

Tang Ze compiled the love report:“The deceased Shangcun was a chief inspector at the nearby exchange,The normal patrol route should be followed last night,Patrol on a bicycle。

According to the judgment of the scene,Shangcun should be when passing the overpass,I heard the singing of Christmas songs on the bridge,Then go up to the sky bridge to check。 After,When he squatted on the ground to check the radio,The prisoner appeared from behind with a forty caliber pistol,Kill him with a shot in the […]

“Do you know Mai Fan?Just the power index and level you initially showed,It’s impossible to access such core content。”

“but now,You are the owner of this tavern,Then the situation is different。” “Without our people groping here in place,Your tavern is likely to become our intelligence point and logistics base in the supply station。” “So as the only operator here,You will have greater authority。” “And some information we know now,I can share it with you […]

“Is not…”

Wait for the two to speak out,On the side came a young man with a fierce appearance,Putting on Moori Kogoro’s shoulders, the tone is bad:“Hey,Uncle,It’s okay, don’t just pick up other people’s female partners casually!” He turned his head and complained to his companion:“Masahiko,You can also express a little,That’s your fiancee and sister!” “Bangsheng,Calm down,Those […]

“Yep,That’s Chikako’s work when he was still in college,At the same time, it is also her outstanding masterpiece in the literary world.!”Suzuki Ayako smiled and praised。

“Then,Let’s have a few words from well-known screenwriters and audiences~”Hiroki Kakuya, holding the camera, smiled and pointed the camera at Ikeda。 “Stop it,Stop making trouble…”Ikeda Tomoko is embarrassed.。 Talking and laughing,Everyone began to miss college time,For example, Hiroki Kakutani is obsessed with camera and hasn’t put it down yet,Takahashi’s weight has increased, so many lenses […]

“it is good,Leave it to you。”The boss looked at Clapper Road:“in previous years“Chief of Police for a Day”Activities continue as usual,You are responsible for this new plan,What do you need you to come to me directly,I will let people give you the greatest support。”

Talking, the boss patted Yuehua on the shoulder of Sihuayuan,Looking around at the people who bow their heads meaningfully:“Don’t stress,Even if the effect is not good, it is better than doing nothing。” Finished this sentence,The heads of the people around are lower and deeper,The big man snorted when he saw this, got up and left。 […]

“Could it be that the murderer is.”After listening to the other party,Henggou Senwu took another look at the crumpled photo that was already held by the deceased,When looking at Chi Bo Jinghua,The suspicion on his face became more obvious。

No wonder Henggou Enlightenment will react like this,After all, it is something the deceased tried to grasp before he died,It is easy to think of whether this is the death message for the deceased to correct the prisoner before his death。 ———— First250chapter Traces of the right palm “Bridge Bean Sack!” Seeing the atmosphere became […]