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“All right,Go to the White Xiongmelin now,We have evidence in our hands.,This time I have a good account.。”Sichuan Luo Sakuo Mini is slightly cold,Delicate:“Give me!”

“Yes!” The two fires have been in the red figure.,Direct Pun Tian and Jirod,The two faces are ugly,It is also difficult to resist。 “Let it go,Go to White Xiongmelin。”Sichuan Luo Sakura looked at the distant Western Road:“This time you have to make up all the losses.。” “Yes!” These fire red figures have followed Sichuan Luo […]

Love begets hate,The love against Yoko Okino turned into despair and hatred at that moment,So he thought of this kind of revenge。

And then in the agent’s confession,Ms. Yoko finally learned that the name of Tengjiang, who had thrown away her, was only at the request of her agent Eiichi to break up with him.。 And the diary searched in the room,Recorded his troubles and misses that he could not forget after breaking up。 Lie、A tragedy of […]

something,Even if you know it may be the truth,But also to investigate,And come up with more convincing evidence,And run for it until it is confirmed.。

After all,Find the button in the parking lot,I think that was a clue left by Hattori Heiji,That depends on Tang Ze’s knowledge of Hattori Heiji。 He knew that a detective at the level of Hattori Heiji,Even if caught,I will definitely try my best to leave clues。 Especially when he is there,Even more so。 Just think […]

That is to determine what the person’s dominant hand is。

Generally less careful prisoners,Will make major mistakes in this place。 And Tang Ze based on this,Start by comparing the dominant hand of the deceased in the photo。 Check it out this time,Sure enough! In the photos on Monday and Tuesday,The dominant hand of the deceased is very common right hand,Available on Wednesday,The deceased’s dominant hand […]

The yacht has reached its maximum speed,The yacht in the night opens the dark sea,Keep driving towards the front,The island is not far from us,The island in the night looks a lot like a majestic behemoth,It’s entrenched and peeping at us,As if filled with ferocious murderous intent。

———— Chapter One Hundred Seven change idea It is estimated that Su Mei blew up all the speedboats,So those guys didn’t catch up,So we have an unimpeded journey。 The yacht moves along the island,Open the sea,Like a giant fish。 have to say,Ouyang’s skills in sailing are still very good,Feels smooth and fast。 It is estimated […]


Yoona’s portable skirt,With a bright smile on his face,Walked straight towards the courtyard。</P> </P> When I saw Su Luo,Yoona was obviously stunned.,Then came to him and stood still,Cover your mouth and laugh,In some crappy Chinese:“Unexpected,You wear period costume,Pretty handsome。”</P> </P> Su Luo smiled,Head tilted,Lower your voice:“You too,Beautiful fairy。”</P> </P> To avoid being heard by others,Su […]

“Tang Ze Criminal,This information,Where did you get it?”

“Knew it,Mention Black Organization,Conan is just like ordering an explosive barrel,Completely out of mind,Impulsive。”Tang Ze is extremely serious on the surface,Actually, my heart is madly complaining。 At least in the early period,Conan gave Tang Ze this impression。 The look shocked after meeting the opponent,Immediately think about whether it is dangerous or not,Let’s talk about it。 […]

Because Kogoro Mouri is angry,After all, because of Shinichi,Almost implicated Xiaolan in danger。

Although the murderer was caught early,But remembering that the prisoner wanted to avenge Kudo Shinichi,Implicated his daughter as bait,So he couldn’t help being afraid,But also very angry。 But it is impossible for this anger to vent to the captured Moriya Teji,So Kogoro Mori said that he was worried about safety,Refusal to let my pakchoi be […]

of course,Although it’s not very polite,But I can’t hide what I care about。

“╭(╯^╰)╮Humph!Who he saw the ski tutorial at midnight,Never listen。”Huiyuan on the side snorted softly,“Are all this old,Don’t stay up late if you have poor physique。” “I got it!Know it!” Dr. A Li couldn’t help but smiled bitterly when facing the two:“I just want to give you a demonstration when skiing today,Be an example as an […]

“But how do i remember,Just the dog head race,Is it a special ethnic group that can only have one offspring in a lifetime??”

“Because of this feature,Their race is equivalent to a cherished race that is dying in the universe.?” “I am already surprised to see their deal here,What i see now?Behind this kobold,There are a few cubs who are not his offspring?” Why is the kobold species so thought of? Mai Fan looked at him before he […]