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“You all wait,Wang Youcai seems to be back,He contracted the carton factory in our village,I haven’t turned in a penny so far,You get him over for me,If he is still Sarai,We have to take back this management right”Xia Jian said with a straight face。

Zhao Hongyi listen,So he put down what he was holding,She told Chen Erniu and Xia Sanhu:“You two go over,Get him here,He won’t come,Bring him here too,This person is cured,Or he really thought we were afraid of him” “Hey Mr. Xia!I heard that Wang Youcai’s girlfriend is very sexy,You are the same age,Where is your girlfriend?Why […]

But gradually,The yellow dog is getting soy sauce,After a long time, I haven’t smelled any demon heads,Barking several times,Then ran all the way,I didn’t see anything。

I wish Minglang will have a headache,Just based on the number of hunting hoops they currently have,It is basically impossible to stand out in this hunting event,I can’t get the blood of the dragon’s essence。 “Barking!!!!!” The yellow dog beast screamed again,This time the call is very loud,Seems to have the firmness of a good […]

she does not know,How to stimulate the spring,Why do you suddenly do this?。

But I want to come to the three generations. I have angered the spring.。 Spring, watch an anxious,The anger of the heart dissipates a little。 Doing this does not give a teacher face,However, he will not let him go.。 “Ok,teacher,I give you a face.”Spring hit a referring。 Two elders instantly restore awake。 See the journey […]

“Next realm 叩 天。”

Lin Feng looked at the void muttering,叩 天 关 is the realm of the four days of God,This point is going to open the Tianguan。 In the past, the Tiandi two veins were accumulated in order to open the sky.。 Tianshi! Like the two veins,It is difficult to induce a certain realm.,And the peace of […]

“Even so,But now,I feel,They will definitely start with me.。”

Shen Xuan masters the godhouse,This is still waiting until everyone collects together.。 and,The family of Jinling first echelon has decided to join hands,Then the role of Shenmen Hall,Before this,First kill one side。 if not,Shen Xuan feels,Now you don’t have to expose in advance.。 “But we left,What should I do??” As the warrior warrior around me […]


“it is good小子,若是除去仇怨,我倒是想交你这个朋友。”大军的脑海有点眩晕了,他咬着牙拿起了一瓶茅台。 “哦,it is good酒。”林枫淡淡一笑道:“凭你这句话,我劝你认输,否则你的伤会越来越重。” 此刻的林枫倒是有点佩服这大军了。 自己若非身怀异能,恐怕根本不是大军的对手,甚至一个照面就被对方秒了,酒量更不用提了。 华兴社势力恐怖啊,此刻的林枫才感觉到华兴社的恐怖,能统一中州黑道,并非浪得虚名。 第30章 大红长袍美艳女鬼师父 “少废话,我还斗不过你一个毛小子。”大军脸色忽然变的狰狞,他咬着牙咕嘟咕嘟的喝下去。 “我就让你输个心服口服。”林枫脸色冷峻道,他直接对瓶吹。 咕嘟咕嘟的一瓶酒下肚。 这一瓶喝完的时候,大军那一瓶才喝一半,此人已经难以下咽这白酒了。 林枫没有理会大军,再次拿起一瓶,咕嘟咕嘟的喝下去,几乎顷刻之间林枫再次将一瓶酒喝下去。 而大军那一瓶才刚喝完,Whole people shadow,Square is a bit virtual。 “Big brother,Big brother!”Several black people have walked up and support the army,They are dumbfounded,Thinking of the big military brother who can drink,But was made by a furhead kid.。 “tragedy!” “Find abuse!”Two tigers,Feng […]

“Dean Chang,what happened to you?”

Seeing Dean Chang who was suddenly stunned,Fang Yu hesitated。 “It’s nothing……” Dean Chang shook his head。 “I’ll go now……If there is any new situation here,Also notify me。This set of surgical equipment,I took it away first!” Fang Yu finished,Holding that heavy surgical suit,It’s as simple as holding a bottle of water。 Dean Chang sighed slightly,He is […]

Standard with the current strength of the book,Can also be classified as green,Basically, it is a stable energy.,If it is a woman,The chance of impacting the second paragraph should be large。

Of course, I’m also impossible.,Female players’ state undulations often large,Slightly don’t pay attention to it,May be immediately。 “Then what plan is there??Also study on Qingdao?”Cooperative。 Well shakehead:“The seniors of Qingdao have been busy here.,I flew a trip to Nagoya a few times.,Go to the women’s cup,After the final is a week。” “She has already hit […]

“All right,Go to the White Xiongmelin now,We have evidence in our hands.,This time I have a good account.。”Sichuan Luo Sakuo Mini is slightly cold,Delicate:“Give me!”

“Yes!” The two fires have been in the red figure.,Direct Pun Tian and Jirod,The two faces are ugly,It is also difficult to resist。 “Let it go,Go to White Xiongmelin。”Sichuan Luo Sakura looked at the distant Western Road:“This time you have to make up all the losses.。” “Yes!” These fire red figures have followed Sichuan Luo […]