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Fengzhu, who had already brought the water back, quickly called a few people to run over,Zhao Chunling is like a trick,In a while,Built a shelf with bamboo poles,Hung up the wild boar。

Xia Jian sitting on a rock,Looking at this woman with a smile,See how she handles this hairy guy。Zhao Chunling took off her coat,Roll up the sleeves,Then he moved his hand。 She moves very skillfully,Not much effort,The wild boar skin was peeled off intact。Xia Jian was a little dumbfounded,This woman is really capable,I didn’t expect her […]

He doesn’t want to have the kind of helplessness。

Only power can make him fulfilling。 God’s general,Reach out,Lightning,A lightning spear appears in its hands。 “It seems that you still don’t understand,We live for yourself,Force is just a tool,But we are people,Not a tool” A long sword appeared in the hands of Ning.。 A green jade ignited green Chakra,Slowly attach it to the long sword […]

According to them, they learned from Shennun.,There are not many people in the country.,They have integrated into other countries,I even forgot my identity.,There is no powerful person。

And Shennong is just a good luck to find this remains.,And try to revive the ambition of the country。 And he also got some power in the remains.,Zero tail。 Spring did not expect zero tail existence,But just the body.,Do not have forces。 Just relying on the point of Shennong, there is no way to meet […]


The US lobbying policy is protected by the first amendment to the Constitution,Flower for money to help promote the implementation of the policy,Coherent。 Like oil businessman、Armaman、Finance company、Real estate company,A large amount of money is spent on the lobbying every year.,Chen Linzhi has been there in the Northwestern District of Washington, DC“kStreet”,This is a big way,Collected […]

The concentration of vitality,This chaotic world is several times higher than the normal chaotic world。

This is the Three Realms today。 From Li Ming stepping into the Second Trail,The second soul has left the Three Realms only for thousands of years。 Soon after the second soul left the Three Realms,The deity also refined a Dharmakaya in the Three Realms,Stay in the Three Realms,The deity enters the Great Mo domain through […]

“Look,the you now,Still too much。”

“but,I am afraid you,I think it is too simple.!” Those people of the Daxia Chamber of Commerce,Be with you。 This,They look at this scene,It is very shocking。 this,Is it their president?? sudden,They even think,I will grow up,Really too powerful。 So even,Let them everyone’s heart,Both have a bit of doubts。 this,Is it really their president?? “No […]

“Xia Jie rest assured,I am safe to send people in Shanghai.!But some time may take。”

“As long as people can send people safely, we can guarantee that people will send people to Yan’an.!” “Xia Jian,I will definitely think!” “Ritual,I still have a lot of things to do.,Can’t help you on this matter?,Do you have yourself??”Shen Qiuxia is sorry, Rui Rui smiled:“Xia Jian,You forgot,I am not myself.,I have a seedlings group […]

The disciples of Changhai Zong have already started to send the Hexin and Xiao Joh.,Warm derived slowly,The sound is full of admiration and respect:“I can’t think of the young and sister.,Can have such a deep sense of life,It’s a talent with Huigen.!”

Branch:“……” Adviser morning in the congratulation、Xiao Bi people pay attention to the situation here when she is mad,Seeing that Yan Zhi seems to be blended therefrom.,Focus on watch。 At this moment, he will move.,神『color』,Faint:“What put down the butcher knife,What have you made something bad??” Yan Zhi is slightly horrified,Looking back to the consultant,It’s already quite […]

“These,Is it now your attitude??”

“Just now,Don’t you feel very funny??” When Shen Xuan’s words say,obviously,For such things。 In fact, Shen Xuan itself,It is not to feel,What will it bring?。 I saw a while,Shen Xuan is very calm。 “Although I said,Nothing。” “But now,In fact, I think,You still see clearly,Again and I said so much better。” Shen Xuan’s words,It is a […]


First0374chapter Magical silver needle Sun Yuejuan’s voice,Surprised everyone in the house,Even Old Xiao sitting in a chair,I can’t help but crane my neck,Everyone is so surprised,This Xia Jian is getting more and more amazing,It’s so magical that everyone can’t understand him。 Xia Jian saw Sun Yuejuan’s movement,She started to move the silver needle on Sun […]