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“But if you are here, the reason is because the planet you live in is too rich,Or biological composition is of great use to them……”

“Then,This type of creature and planet,Going to be unlucky。” Mai Fan has a bad feeling。 “primitive,You are not stupid,Not naive at least,It seems that your planet is also in a state of coexistence of multiple nations or races?” “Correct,Just what you think。” “Race groups or planets eliminated during the show,Can’t be protected by rules。” “Because […]

After some wrangling,Kamata Kohei lost everything,Got the punishment。

Hongshang dance clothes,Although I refused the hospital’s retention and left my job,But Tang Ze still let the boss of the detective company use contacts,Introduced him to work in a private hospital with a good relationship。 After all, I created a detective company,Much better than the private detective agency of three or two big cats and […]

I stand in the wooden house,My face was painful by the violent mountain breeze that came in,Look around the room,The candle was quickly blown out by the swirling mountain wind,Return to darkness and silence,I am full of doubts,Who built this wooden house??Did someone live here before??

———— Chapter Fifty One Iron box secret To the woodpile by the black iron stove,I found a fine wood to light it in the fire,Then light up the candle on the table,The cozy view of the wooden house is as if dreaming,I feel that these are too unreal。 I searched the cabin carefully,I found a […]

They finished the commercial,I also received a gift from the manager of the underwear department of Aiman。

Two sets of spring and summer new underwear…… It can be regarded as income other than brand promotion fees。 This beautiful emotion,Until the game highlights of the strongest idols were broadcast on the Internet and TV media……Just stopped abruptly…… Because during the broadcast,Whether it’s a thousand degrees of search volume,Or the discussion index on WeChat […]

I don’t know how scared she is,She stared at me, who was sitting cross-legged,Is there a snake below?

Look down quickly,As a result, I almost fainted at this sight! Why am I floating more than two feet above the ground!No wonder the body is so light!No wonder my head feels dizzy!It turned out that I was floating!! I don’t know if I should be happy or scared!No language can express my complicated mood […]

Watching new life come,This beautiful scene,Tang Ze and others couldn’t help but smile。

Done this,Everyone didn’t stay any longer,Hattori and He Ye drove back to Osaka overnight to report safety to their parents,And Xiaolan and others also took Conan home。 Ayako also bid farewell to Tang Ze,Take the garden home and sleep at ease。 As for Tang Ze,After washing in the room,But the most spiritual one! no way,It’s […]

“indeed,Suspicions are magnified a little bit,If Xiaolan is really suspicious,Then I’m a little bit out of style,Doesn’t match the behavior of elementary school students,Will magnify in her eyes。”

Tang Ze looked at Conan and complained:“And I’m not surprised even if you are suspected。 Daily life,But when you happen to be a case,It’s violent everywhere! Encountered a murder,Normal elementary school students are scared and crying,There is no one like you,Don’t cry and run away,Even scouring the body。 Just go up,Prevaricate the past with the […]

“Naninani!!How is this going!”Mouri Kogoro watched the two suddenly fighting and some inexplicable dealings:“Don’t fight,Isn’t it just hitting someone?,Can i apologize!!”

“He is wanted!!”Tang Ze yelled immediately,“help!” Hear this,Asama’s struggle is even crazier,He slammed his head against Tang Ze’s face behind him,At the same time, his right elbow was severely chiseled behind him。 But because of the disadvantages, Asama can organize a counterattack,How could Tang Ze not move?。 When he pressed it on the wall,Know that […]

The difference in strength is obvious.

The difference in strength is obvious. The 2019 Boiling Snow Beijing International Snow Federation single board and freestyle ski jumping world cup ended tonight on the 2nd day of the qualifying competition, and no Chinese players advanced to the men’s and women’s freestyle jumping finals.This year, Bosue entered its 10th year. The previous competition was […]

2015 Chilean America Cup Mexico team preliminary latest list of 30 people (Figure)

2015 Chilean America Cup Mexico team preliminary latest list of 30 people (Figure) On May 12, Beijing time, Mexico announced the 2015 America’s Cup National Team 30-man roster. It is shocking that Pea Hernandez failed to be selected.  Mexico announced a list of 23 people + 7 candidates. The final 23 people will be determined before […]