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White Jiang I don’t know when I come to the door,Say lazy:“It should be right,This fragrance tastes I remember,Sexy red lips also make me impressed,I have saved this guy.,Fighting and dying, hunting, hard work,You don’t have to add the tail.?”

“Um?I really hit my mind to you.?That money is not white,Give。” Strange woman,Let Chen Linzhi as well as Yin、Song Yuexian, etc.,Like it is in the fog,Unclear。 As for the white river,I am too lazy to manage these idle things.,Do your own lives,Less the less, you are good for everyone.。 Just if you don’t hear it […]

This voice is definitely Su Mei undoubtedly!

”Who is here?!“ Shocked,No one looks around,Only the flowers and leaves on the flower pond are swaying by the wind! I heard it right!That’s Su Mei’s voice!I rub!This auditory hallucination is too powerful!Giant reality!I looked around in panic,Really scared by this auditory hallucination。 ”Giggle,You stupid!Life is pretty good!“ Su Mei’s voice rang again,But this time […]

After being hanged by others and coming from behind is not what Tang Ze wants to see,Constant pressure is what Tang Ze wants。

I want you to know,Your uncle will always be your uncle! Of course,The reaction of the red and black parties after this incident,Long before the plan started, he was already based on his previous life information and his personal understanding of this life,Predicted the reaction of both parties,I’m not too worried at the moment。 Even […]

“Of course,Have always been a fan,We all think Mr. Ace is tall and handsome,This is the first time I know about being low,If you let the fans know,I’m afraid everyone will be disappointed。”

Speaking of which,Ai Sisha was a little lost:“After I knew the news,The first reaction is not to believe,So after I went home after dinner,Finally couldn’t help but ran back,I want to take a peek at Mr. Ace outside,But who knew that something like that happened…” And after Tang Ze on the side listened to the […]


This scream,Shocked the two,Reba is like a frightened rabbit,Push Su Luo away,Stand up blushing,Panicked:“I,I’m going for a rest。”</P> </P> Finish,Hurried back to the house。Su Luo helpless,Beautiful woman is gone,Stay here by yourself,It’s useless。</P> </P> “Yeah!”</P> </P> Sister clutching her knocked forehead,Staring at him furiously,Tao:“Why are you hitting me?”</P> </P> Su Luo casually said:“this late,Don’t sleep […]

Many of these factors can be said to be“coincidence/luck”,If you did not apply for identity in advance,But wait for Tang Ze to ask,Then some risks。

When the time comes, the major forces will check,Found out of thin air,Then it should raise suspicion,There are no flaws in it now,After all, Asai Narumi was real in those years。 Know that the undercurrents of the major organizations are still there,After Tang Ze made great contributions,Resumed daily life,Didn’t even go to Moonyoung Island。 The […]

Took out milk and bread and started breakfast,Then go to the Metropolitan Police Department to work as usual。

But today Tang Ze ran into an unexpected character at the door,Do not,Should be a,People who shouldn’t appear but conform to common sense。 Maori Kogoro,Tang Ze met him at the door。 “Morning,Maori detective,Do you know what happened to the Metropolitan Police Department so early today??”Tang Ze greeted and asked with a smile。 But Tang Ze […]

“When did that happen?”Miwako Sato asked。

“It just happened that the show I liked ended,It’s almost evening6When you click around。”Saburo Kawara scratched his head and said。 Hear words,The eyes of Tang Ze and Miwako Sato sharpened instantly。 The whereabouts of the deceased is consistent with the estimated time of death,This is a very important piece of information。 Because if this is […]

Tang Ze is no exception,I bought the cake, everyone cut it in the office and ate it,I’m busy all year round,Take a break from your busy schedule。

Everyone is an adult,I don’t have too much time to live home,Coupled with the particularity of the job,The friendship between colleagues is also very deep,Unlike other general companies,Intrigue all day long。 That night,Because there is no work,So everyone in the third department gets off work early,After solving dinner together,Tang Ze set off to the opera […]

“what,No way?”Xiaolan couldn’t help it,Immediately rang the old man I saw at the art gallery two days ago,Can’t help asking eagerly:“What happened later,How’s it going?Did that old gentleman kill someone??”

“what?Didn’t you say that you don’t know about it??How did you know that the curator is an old man。”Strange road in the garden。 “On saturday,I just ran into it when I visited the art gallery。”Xiaolan quickly explained and reached out to the magazine in the garden。 After reading all,Xiaolan couldn’t help but breathe a sigh […]