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He Lijia two daughters entered a big,Sharing people lost to the ancestral。

Household low head,I don’t dare to refute his words.。 Li Tingby knows the temper of the housekeeper,Didn’t say something more。 “go,Let Lu Haoheng roll back,Let him wait here to wait,Waiting for me, I will see him again.。”Li Tingyuan walks in the second floor。 After a few minutes,Lu Haocheng under the leader of the housekeeper,With European,The […]

The issue is,Her spiritual position is here!

Died a long time ago。 Is it possible that Li Yunzi has any psychic spells?? “Hey,Your dying daughter……Why did you sleep drunk,Are you paying homage to your dead wife and daughter like this?!”Zhu Minglang looked back at Li Ying,Roll your eyes suddenly。 This spiritual position,Is it fake。 The prophet named Xinghua is not dead,Hiding somewhere […]

“could not find it,The monster seemed to disappear suddenly,Maybe I ran away long ago……”

Jingpu nodded slightly,Let go,No matter what,Just leave the monster,In this case,So you don’t have to worry about it。 Looking at the white rabbit in Lingju’s arms,Jingpu is the curious way: “this is?” Speaking of this rabbit,Lingju smiled sweetly and handed it to Jingpu.: “Found on the way back,Trapped by a hunter’s clip,See it cute,I took […]


“Not normal people,You understand that you have a wonderful person.。” Odd person! Long five eyes,He has seen people who have seen the big world,I know that this world is very deep.,Universiade is not in a small number,Not as seen in the eyes of ordinary people。 I really have this kind of person,Medical and high-income dementia […]

Du Wei was blocking a breath on the side.。

She is very rushing:“Blue Director,what do you mean?” Blue Xin holds information in your hand,Looked at her,“Du,No other meaning,Just you don’t want to do it.,I can’t force you don’t want to do something.。 Moreover,I can’t take the time for you to go down on the new product on the market because you can’t explain it.? […]

I am in the 30th year of Qi Zhuang.

Chapter 141 Yu Jianfei Lin rang on the way back to Changmen,It happened to see the city and water of Lingschuan and Lishui two in Lingchuan and Lishui.。 It’s not compassionate,These four have seen the forest,Waiting for the way。 “Four digits,Well。” “Yin god big flag opened,US,We are four。” “Slowly。See you,I know how to return to […]

“no,I can’t do this now.。”

“All in all, no matter how,This account,Let’s follow,Just make it clear about you.!” When Shao Tian’s words exported,The more like this,More to let those people around,It is more anger。 And with these people arrive quickly,At this time, these Shaojia’s guards,The more you look, the more you are angry.。 “all in all,What to do with them […]

Not far from the three,Out of thin air is a big black hole,Chen Dayuan came out from inside。

At first glance, I saw Chen Xiu in the trial ground of the second level.,Chen Dayuan flew over immediately,Mention of palm,Slap! Seemingly casual palm,But the hand of the first-class master,The power is amazing。 Take the lead,Chen Xiu felt like he was in a violent sea,That rush of innocence,Like an invisible monster,Can tear him to pieces […]

No. 18 is really poor,Although it is determined to have a relationship with night,But they haven’t got married yet.,In this way, it is wasting the youth of five years.”

“But compared to the 18th,I am not going to,When Wukong just left,I am pregnant.。 This child is from home until five years old.,I actually saw his father for the first time.,Such a father is simply a sense of responsibility!” It seems to say that it is the pain,Kiki hugged awareness,I started to cry again.,I am […]

Looking at the stone wall of this mountainous area,His hand pinch,A sword light is coming out,It’s like breaking through the clouds.。

A large word is facing on the boulder。 Ocean sprinkle 30,000 words,Aesthetic,The 30,000 words correspond to the drawback of Tang Meilu,With this。 NS1144chapter Pointer Tang Mengluo looks at the ancient characters on the stone wall.,Her figure came to the stone wall,Like it is the same as a goddess,Clothes,Beautiful scorpion looks at the god。 “I can […]