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No. 18 is really poor,Although it is determined to have a relationship with night,But they haven’t got married yet.,In this way, it is wasting the youth of five years.”

“But compared to the 18th,I am not going to,When Wukong just left,I am pregnant.。 This child is from home until five years old.,I actually saw his father for the first time.,Such a father is simply a sense of responsibility!” It seems to say that it is the pain,Kiki hugged awareness,I started to cry again.,I am […]

Looking at the stone wall of this mountainous area,His hand pinch,A sword light is coming out,It’s like breaking through the clouds.。

A large word is facing on the boulder。 Ocean sprinkle 30,000 words,Aesthetic,The 30,000 words correspond to the drawback of Tang Meilu,With this。 NS1144chapter Pointer Tang Mengluo looks at the ancient characters on the stone wall.,Her figure came to the stone wall,Like it is the same as a goddess,Clothes,Beautiful scorpion looks at the god。 “I can […]

“Know it…”Xiaolan saw her father’s courtesy,Replied with a drooping face。

“Started again…”Conan and Tang Ze looked at each other,Speechless。 I look like a wretched uncle when I see beautiful women,It’s really a disadvantage。 But there is a client,The two did not demolish Mouri Kogoro’s station,Tang Ze is also waiting for the other party to explain the situation,Want to see if it will trigger the case。 […]

“This is really dangerous,Conan,Don’t be so messy next time。”Tang Ze takes out the handcuffs,Arrest Abetoyo,Smiling and looking at the panned drum washing machine。

“Tang Ze Criminal!you…Why are you here…Do not,when did you come?”How can Conan look calmly reasoning before now?,Stammering question。 “Have been there since the beginning。”Tang Ze took a breath,Pulled Abe Feng from the ground,Calmed down for a while。 to be frank,This is the first time he has fought with someone as an adult,And the opponent is […]

“Basically it will be delivered after six o’clock。”Shibata Kyoko thought for a while and replied。

“Say so…”Henggou feels his chin after hearing the words:Mr. Shibata should wake up after six o’clock,I was eating after taking the morning paper,Was killed by a prisoner who came to visit。 This judgment is naturally drawn from the half-eaten cold meal on the table。 But Tang Ze doesn’t think this information,Can be trusted 100%。 There […]

Degree of completion:good

【Congratulations to the host for acquiring investigative science(1year)skill】 Evaluation:There is an ending that will never change without you,It’s great to have such a reward for a call。 The reward is not bad,It’s really like the note says,Can get a year’s reward instead of fate points,It’s actually pretty good,Tang Ze thinks it’s because of more people […]

Since getting small,He accidentally learned the heart of the girl next to him,But he couldn’t respond。

So when he changed back to Kudo Shinichi,Naturally cherish all this。 Fortunately,Today is the first day after the school festival ends,Although it was cleaning the endgame of the school festival before,But also a lot of time to get along。 At least than wasting most of the time in class,Only those ten minutes of get out […]


This cart slammed into the place where Mai Fan was.……Peng Xiaotian, who was sitting next to Mai Fan, was frightened by this sudden change……stunned。 After she reacted,Tears came out all of a sudden。 “Mai Fan!Mai Fan, are you okay?!!”Peng Xiaotian desperately went to pull the cart that had been buckled upside down……Trying to get her […]

‘Now that the sky is not seen clamoring about gender equality,How come this time,I have to mention that I have to let female teammates?’

Set a small goal first,such as1Seconds to remember:Book guest house ———— Three hundred and sixty chapters Where is more dangerous When they are discussing,The audience from the outer planet was also excited。 ‘what,Is the earth divided into men and women??This is really amazing,We all split and replicate ourselves,You can also adjust the appearance and characteristics […]

Mai Fan admires American personal heroism and fearlessness。

If in their own country,To die in this way with this frequency。 Police officer at the place where the case occurred,I’m afraid that I have to push down more than half from top to bottom。 The Chinese people’s sorrow is really not for nothing。 Find the original source,You can sort out the cases behind。 The […]